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So it appears that Germany is starting the process of banning scientology from their country.  I for one don’t mind that this is happening, being that it is a “religion” thought up by a science fiction writer (jailed for fraud) in a scam to get rich… but hey, maybe some people, such as Tom Cruise, get something out of it.

So what are you thoughts on this though?  Is this a hinderence of Democracy?  Germany is claiming that the cult doesn’t adhere to the German constitution, but who should make such a decision.  I mean, in the United States we allow the KKK to assemble even though they deny the self-evident right for a man to pursue happiness (and also deny the fact that all men are created equal).

Just wanted to throw out the topic since it has hit headlines… let me know if you have any particular feelings on the issue.


Scientology is Not Science

I wrote a post a while ago about Scientology.  In it, I analyzed a few of the different tenets that I believe make this “religion” a cult (CLICK HERE to read that article).  Given its prevelence in today’s media, I decided to do a bit more research on the topic.  I came across this website titled, “Scientology is not Science”. 

In this article are some very interesting “behind the scenes” facts about this movement.  I suspect that scientology will receive more media attention as people begin to learn more about the different secret facets behind it. 

In the article, you will read about:

  • How Scientology works
  • Some philosophy
  • About a Galactic Ruler named ‘Xenu’…and more

Hope you enjoy it, I believe it was well written (and it’s not very long).


Hollywood and Scientology: John Travolta leading the charge

John Travolta at Wild HogsAngry Scientologists are trying to get a BBC documentary about their faith scrapped amid claims of “gross bias” by presenter John Sweeney. The Panorama programme, to be shown tonight, investigates whether the Church of Scientology has moved away from its past as a brainwashing cult.

But furious church members – including actor John Travolta – say the programme should be ditched because Mr Sweeney showed he was biased by losing his temper and shouting at a top scientologist. After the man accused him of giving “an easy interview” to a critic of the religion, Mr Sweeney screamed: “You were not there at the beginning of the interview.

“You were not there. You did not hear or record all the interview.”

Scientologists have sent 100,000 copies of film of the incident to MPs, civil servants and business leaders, as well as posting it on the YouTube website. Travolta has also written to BBC executives, accusing Mr Sweeney of “personal prejudices, bigotry and animosity”. But the broadcaster insisted last night that the programme would go ahead.

A BBC source said Mr Sweeney, who has apologised for his rant, had become distressed after following Scientologists for days and watching harrowing footage of people being tortured as part of an exhibition by the church attacking psychiatry.

The source added: “It was a very intense time. He was completely in the wrong and should never have lost his rag – but he’s only human.”

Mr Sweeney said: “I am hugely embarrassed. I let the side down and the BBC down and I am ashamed but I felt I was being brainwashed. “If people see the full clip, I think they will have more sympathy with me.”

The BBC has reprimanded Mr Sweeney but is not taking disciplinary action after deciding he did not breach any guidelines. Producers plan to include his outburst in the documentary. Panorama has also posted its own footage on YouTube, showing a leading American Scientologist threatening Mr Sweeney.

Tom Davis – a friend of fellow follower Tom Cruise and son of actress Anne Archer – says he cannot be responsible for his actions if Mr Sweeney keeps referring to the religion as a “sinister cult”.

He says: “For you to repeatedly refer to my faith in these terms is so derogatory, so offensive and so bigoted and the reason you keep repeating it is because you want a reaction like you are getting now.”

Mr Sweeney has complained of becoming a victim of intimidation while making the programme. He says he was followed and his wedding was gatecrashed. Panorama spent six months investigating the religion – which claims humans are descended from a race of aliens called thetans – and interviewed several people who said they had cut off their families after becoming Scientologists.

The documentary also exposes apparent links between Scientology leaders and City of London police officers.

Chief Superintendent Ken Stewart is shown praising the controversial organisation, which supplied hospitality worth £11,000 to the force. Policemen attended scientology dinners and the premiere of Cruise’s film Mission Impossible 3

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‘South Park’ To Stick It To Scientology and Tom Cruise Again

Trey Parker and Matt Stone might be some of the most in-tune comedians I have ever seen.  Their humor (although crass) makes fun of the issues we take too seriously… I think it’s nice to take a step back and just laugh – it sure feels good to unwind. 

 Times Herald-Record
March 09, 2007
“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven’t finished messing with the Church of Scientology, or Tom Cruise, just yet.

The current issue of Rolling Stone, available on newsstands through March 22, features a story on “South Park’s” 10th anniversary and the creators’ illustrious career pushing the limits of controversy. Accompanying that story, timed nicely to coincide with the beginning of the show’s 11th season, is a (likely altered) photo of the boys spray-painting grafitti on the church’s LA headquarters sign. It reads “The Church of Scientology is dumb” and “Hi Tom” with a depiction of “South Park” character Eric Cartman’s head.

Parker and Stone first took on Scientology in November 16, 2005 with one of the show’s most controversial episodes, “Trapped in the Closet.”

In it, Church of Scientology leaders declare Stan Marsh the reincarnation of Sci-Fi writer turned religion creator L. Ron Hubbard. When Stan shows a lack of enthusiasm for Tom Cruise’s film work, Cruise locks himself in Stan’s closet. Fellow high-profile Scientologist John Travolta joins Cruise, as does R. Kelly after failed attempts to persuade Tom to “come out of the closet.”

Isaac Hayes, who voiced the character “Chef” and is also a Scientologist, quit the show March 13, 2006. “There are reports that Isaac had a stroke and Scientology quit the show for him, and I believe it … It was a brutal, up-close, personal thing with Isaac. If you look at the timeline, something doesn’t add up,” Matt Stone is quoted as saying in the Rolling Stone story.

The show attracted even more attention when Comedy Central bowed to pressure from parent company Viacom to cancel a rerun of the episode scheduled for March 16, 2006. Rumors abounded that Tom Cruise threatened not to promote his new movie “Mission: Impossible: III,” for another Viacom company, Paramount, unless the episode was pulled. It finally aired again in July and was later nominated for an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Animated Program.”

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Scientology: Laughable at Best

 Since Tom Cruise has made it famous, scientology has become more well known over the past few years.  However, the question still remains: is Scientology a cult, or a legitimate way of life?  In this post, I will attempt to address this issue.

First things first, we must define “cult”.  According to, the dominant definition for Cult is as follows:

“a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies.”

I am willing to admit that any group religious has the attributes listed in the definition above, and therefore is in some degree a cult.  However, there are some things about scientology that make me question its true intentions.  First, the founder of scientology, Ron Hubbard, was not a very “Jesus” like figure.  In fact, Hubbard was in jail for four years for fraud.  Now I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be part of a “religion” that was invented by a man who was charged for fraud (of all things). 

 So who is Ron Hubbard.  Well, besides a jailbird, he is a science fiction writer.  In fact, many of the tenets from his religion are the product from his writings.  Interestingly, Hubbard wrote “All men are your slaves” in a journal entry which was dug up during a 1984 lawsuit.  That’s the tip of the iceburg; it’s a pretty bumpy past for this man.

 I went to the scientology website.  The first thing I noticed was the how the word was spelled.  The “i” in the beginning of the word is very obviously shaped as the Christian cross (picture to the right).  In fact, this image is present on many of this “religion’s” clothing and merchandise.  Why would any respectable religion use a symbol from another?  And believe me, it is CLEARLY the cross which elecits thoughts of Christianity.  Now I am an understanding person – but sorry, that is a crock.  It is apparent that scientology is attempting to pull on the “heart strings” and relate to people of the dominant world religion; a great way to spark interest.

So what about the secrets of scientology?  Well, to put it simply, the more money you give, the more you get to know (the higher stages you get to obtain).  Ever wonder why so many hollywood stars are attracted?  Well, Hubbard kept adding steps, each more costly, for his followers to climb. In the 1960s the guru decreed that humans are made of clusters of spirits (or “thetans”) who were banished to earth some 75 million years ago by a cruel galactic ruler named Xenu.  Sounding like a sci-fi book yet?  I think so.

From my perspective, scientology appears to be a cult.  The rites of passage from this cult accompany a hefty investment.  If scientology is not a cult, it surely seems like one of those money scams.  Although, that is not surprising considering the founder was a fraud-artist. 

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Cruise ‘is Christ’ of Scientology


Quick little article I found about Tom Cruise and Scientology. I will give another article about scientology in the upcoming days.

TOM Cruise is the new “Christ” of Scientology, according to leaders of the cult-like religion. The Mission: Impossible star has been told he has been “chosen” to spread the word of his faith throughout the world. And leader David Miscavige believes that in future, Cruise, 44, will be worshipped like Jesus for his work to raise awareness of the religion. A source close to the actor, who has risen to one of the church’s top levels, said: “Tom has been told he is Scientology’s Christ-like figure.

“Like Christ, he’s been criticised for his views. But future generations will realize he was right.”

Cruise joined the Church of Scientology in the ’80s. Leader L Ron Hubbard claimed humans bear traces of an ancient alien civilisation.

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