Santa Delivers 37,000+ Copies of Constitution to Bush

December 20, 2007, Washington, DC – This morning, Santa Claus (in the person of noted constitutional lawyer Bill Goodman) drove his sleigh to the White House to deliver thousands of copies of the U.S. Constitution to President Bush.

Americans from all over the country – more than 37,000 of them – asked that a copy of the Constitution be delivered to the President in their name and cordially requested that he make time in his busy schedule to read it.  read more


Judge rules Bush can’t block presidential records.

Today, a federal judge “invalided part of a 2001 order by President Bush allowing former presidents to review executive documents before they can be released under open records laws.” (view full story here: read more)

In reference to this story, I found the following comment. What do you all think:

I love this! Bush tried to illegally change the rules to ensure he could keep all of his secrets hidden after he leaves office. Now that the courts have decided he can’t do this, you just know that the paper shredders are busy working overtime in the White House basement. I can’t wait to see how many more of his lies and crimes are exposed after he’s out of office. At the very least, Bush will be spending the rest of his miserable life hiding from angry American citizens. No more fake crowds of carefully selected fans, no more staged photo-ops with the military. All he’ll have left is hiding on his ranch and peeking through the curtains to see if anyone is coming for him.

Fox News LIES about their own post debate poll

Fox News reported last night on Hannity and Colmes that Ron Paul supporters were spamming the text poll vote after Ron Paul wins with a overwhelming 33% of the vote…

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Survey: Majority of Americans Agree with Dennis Kucinich

In the political equivalent of a “blind taste test” taken by more than 67,000 participants, an independent website surveying public attitudes on various issues is reporting that Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is the first choice of 53% of respondents. Those taking the survey vote only on the issues, not the candidates themselves…

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Would you like to buy some Cancer?

Man holding cigarette © Ben + Marcos Welsh/AGE FotostockSo I was thinking about American consumerism and wondered how well I could sell cancer. It sounds crazy, but I think it might work. Naturally, it would appear that selling cancer would be quite difficult, but during my research, I was shocked to find out that there are already a slew of companies who beat me to the punch: the tobacco industry.

Okay, so you called my bluff, I wasn’t really trying to find a way to sell cancer. But is this not what we see every single day in the world. Cigarettes have zero (none, zip, nadda) benefit to the human body or mind (though there is the perceived belief by smokers that it calms them down.) And sure, it helps keep models thin. But I’m talking about real benefits, not excuses to keep smoking. Continue reading

Wiretapping to be Legalized this Week?!

Found this small blurb on the internet – I don’t know much about it so fill me in if you happen to know something.   -Justin

“EFF’s Derek Slater sez, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that Congress may take action this week on a bill that could rubberstamp the NSA’s spying program. The Bush Administration is trying to sell its latest proposal as a serious compromise, but don’t be fooled — it represents an unprecedented power grab that endangers the checks and balances that define our democracy. Please call your representatives now before it’s too late.”

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Bush is “secretly” planning to engage US forces in yet another war

By Robert D. Novak
Monday, July 30, 2007; Page A15
Washington Post

The morass in Iraq and deepening difficulties in Afghanistan have not deterred the Bush administration from taking on a dangerous and questionable new secret operation. High-level U.S. officials are working with their Turkish counterparts on a joint military operation to suppress Kurdish guerrillas and capture their leaders. Through covert activity, their goal is to forestall Turkey from invading Iraq. Continue reading