So You Think God Exists? How Do You Really Know?!

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Evolution and Creation: are we missing the point?

Nice article I came across – enjoy!

In the Beginning
By Royce Logan

Why are our eyes at the front of our head instead of at the bottom of our feet? Why do we have two eyes instead of just one? Why do we have eyes? Oh, “natural selection”. The organisms in our body have evolved into this magnificent creature we’ve become because of the intelligence of nature.

What? Nature has intelligence? If nature has intelligence then nature must also have consciousness. Why? Because consciousness is required to have a will and a will must have a desire and the desire must be to choose the more favorable traits of the organism over the lesser traits of the organism and then the organism must have the ability to sever itself from the lesser traits.

So, how can nature choose the more favorable traits of the organism unless it has the consciousness, the will and the desire to make that choice and then the ability to discard those lesser traits into the ash bin of its useless self?

Pretty crazy, huh? I agree.

There is no intelligence in nature, no consciousness, no will, no desire and certainly no abilities in nature to evolve into a better organism and then intervene into that evolution process to give a body of organisms something that is not even of its own realm: a consciousness. No, the only abilities in nature to evolve are those abilities set into motion by an intelligent designer who also has the ability to intervene into that process of evolution to unite the natural realm with a realm of awareness and of consciousness: the realm of our spiritual existence.

And you say, “Prove it!” And I say, “Prove me wrong!”

Where did the first slimy organism come from? Out of nothingness? Out of no thing? No matter, no energy, no light, no life, no nothing. Emptiness. But the very existence of nature is dependant upon the reality of itself: the truth that nature must contain substance, matter, even energy to exist, to be reality, and to be truth.

Nature can procreate itself, but it can not create itself. Big difference! We weren’t evolved from some slimy mess under a rock. If you still think we were then you have to answer the question, “Where did the slimy mess come from?”

Where does thought come from? Can a creature consume certain elements of nature to create thought? Sure, food nourishes the body to provide the fuel to generate thought, but food, by itself can’t create anything.

Having the ability to choose, having a will and a desire can only be manifested in a physical creature when a physical body has been combined with life; when the experience of nature has been integrated with a spiritual experience.

Nature alone is only substance and matter. Evolution requires something beyond what nature can offer. Evolution requires life.

Creation versus evolution. We’re missing the point.

Creation is evolution.

Royce Logan.

The Greatest Sin

It is not uncommon to hear Christians talking about sins, and if one is worse than another. Naturally, it says that all sins are equally detestable to God, but is there a sin that rises above them all?

In short, I would say no (although there is mention of the “unforgivable” sin, which is speaking against the holy spirit). Nonetheless, I heard someone say something very interesting the other day that I want to share. During one of my classes at business school, the professor said something along the lines of:

One of the greatest sins that the Bible harps on is underutilization of potential

Continue reading

No Message Reaches Religious Lunatics

Adolf Hitler by Susan Jacoby

I assume that the definition of “religious extremist” is someone willing to kill anyone seen as an opponent of the extremist’s faith or political goals. The idea that there is any point in sending a “message” to fanatics is a fantasy beloved by many good, naive people of all faiths or no faith. What is one to say to Osama bin Laden, whose idea for world peace is that everyone else convert to Islam? Continue reading

Intellectual Honesty or Jesus?

Duke Chapel, a frequent icon for the university, can seat nearly 1,600 people and contains a 5,200-pipe organ.

It seems today that when it comes to religion, many people confront an unfortunate dichotomy. The choice is between intellectual honesty and Jesus. Many believe there is no way to reconcile the two.

The purpose of me writing this post is not for me to say why my interpretation is superior, but instead to present an alternate view that often goes unnoticed… too often different views can be silenced by the surprisingly large fundie presence online (i.e. the blog-o-sphere).

If you were in a room of 100 Christians, and asked, “how many of you knew someone that grew up in a religious environment and then walked away from their faith upon leaving for college?” then you would see 100 hands raised in the air.

Let me suggest why I believe this happens. Continue reading

Analyzing Jesus: His Miracles

Luis Borrassá 001.jpg
Analyzing Jesus
Part Four: His Miracles

This is the fourth installment of my series titled, “Analyzing Jesus”. So far, we have looked at the historical figure, looked to see if he was the Jewish Messiah, and looked at further evidence to analyze the authenticity of the Old Testament claims/prophecy of a the Messiah. Today we move on and begin to address another controversial subject in regards to Jesus… his miracles. Continue reading

Analyzing Jesus: Scientific Evidence for being Jewish Messiah

Analyzing Jesus
Part Three: Scientific Evidence for being Jewish Messiah

Deadseascrolls.JPGSo far in this series I have covered that Jesus did in fact exist (despite some conspiracy theories), and also the likelihood that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah given all the prophecy he has fulfilled (and the probability of doing so). Today’s post I will continue with the idea of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, and hopefully successfully address some major questions.

The first issue I will address is a question that I posed at the end of the last part in this series. It was the following:

“couldn’t have all the stuff about Jesus fulfilling prophecy have just been added by zealots after his death?”

Quite a valid question, in fact, many people ask it today. I mean, how can it be possible for one man to actually fulfill every single one of the prophecies written over 1,000 year span? Someone HAD to change the prophecy around right?! Not necessarily. Continue reading