News Flash: Presidential Candidates are Human!

I don’t get it, how come we get in a huge fuss when we find out that a Presidential candidate changes their mind on a particular issue?  News Flash:  THEIR HUMAN!  I’m tired of all the “you used to believe this” rhetoric that candidates play.

For example, if a candidate was once pro-choice, but at some point became pro-life, we are expected to think that is a big deal.  I for one have changed my opinion on that issue multiple times.  I mean, as we live more life, I think we are entitled to form opinions, re-evaluate them, and changed them if we like.

It’s like politicians are supposed to come out of the womb with all our views and beliefs programmed like some robot.  Give me a break people.  A man changing his opinion is not a character flaw.

Do yourself a favor in this election, find out the current stance your favorite candidates have on certain issues and then make your decision based on that…and hey, if you change your mind on who you want to vote for, you don’t have to worry about me causing a fuss!


5 Responses

  1. You’re talking about Romney here? I agree with you, but I’d have to say there’s more than just issues to consider. Let’s face it, on most of the major issues, there’s general agreement within each party. I think that even more important than the issues, we have to try and figure out who can actually do the best job in the White House.

  2. Amen! You’d think it would be considered wise to change your mind if faced with evidence contrary to your position. If there is too much, sure, you should figure out what you believe and stick to it reasonably. But considering the sheer number of issues, switching stances on a few makes me worry a lot less than someone who NEVER changes his/her mind….

  3. Go “Average Joe” Schriner!
    Go Mike Huckabee!!
    GO RON PAUL!!!

    I’d love to see any one of these three devout Christian men of sound moral values, character, and consistency win nomination!

    I don’t dispute a candidate’s right to change his mind on an issue. However, given the choice I would rather vote for someone who has stood consistently against abortion, such as one of the three men above.

    Moreover, Romney has talked about increasing American defense spending, which I believe would be foolhardy in the extreme, so there’s no way I’m ever going to vote for him!

  4. Justin2,
    did you happen to see the strong evidence of Ron Paul’s prejudices reflected in his writers from the 1970s?

    Hardly a “devout Christian man”

  5. No, Justin, I did not read that, but I do know that there is currently a vicious smear campaign against Ron Paul because he intends to end abortion, abolish the Fed and income taxes, end the Iraq war, cut defense spending, terminate foreign aid to Israel and Arab nations alike (unthinkable) and accomplish many other praiseworthy things that represent the will of the people.

    Nonetheless, show me the evidence and I promise to examine it carefully.

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