The Absolutely, Postively, WORST President in U.S. History

Have you heard?  Iran stopped nuclear bomb developments four years ago… Bush lied again, Bush was wrong again.

Can anyone think of a worse president in history?  I sure can’t.  Frankly, Bush is an idiot, I cannot believe that I voted for him.  I am wondering if there is anything good this guy has done while in the White House?  Perhaps, but it is definately overshadowed by all the sh*t he has gotten us in over the past 7 or so years.

Man, what a LIAR!  It’s as if he has used his position of power to trump any sense of human ethics.  Okay, I’m not naive enough to think other Presidents didn’t lie, but at least they were smart enough to not get caught EVERY-SINGLE-TIME!

So we are left with another tarnish on what’s left of our image.


5 Responses

  1. Bush Lied Again? Wow, somone else forgetting that the first president to say we needed to take military action against Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction and were supporting terrorism was president Clinton. Check out Clinton’s 1998 State of the Union Address and watch it on Youtube. I guess bush paid clinton to say that? I love the way everybody blames bush for everything from their milk being spoiled to global warming. He even got blamed for the MRGO canal causing coastal erosion down here in Louisiana by John Kerry and it was bult in the 60’s….he has got to be the best planner of all time to accomplish all that. Fact is nobody can say we are not safer today than before 911 because bush’s stategy to take the fight to the enemy has need proof? Then just do a little research and tell me how many times we have been atacked on our soil since 911…i can give you a is ZERO!

  2. So we are safer because of Bush? I will concede that you are right in saying we have had zero attacks on U.S. soil since he took office.

    But are Americans really safer? Well, American troops sure aren’t. for a the latest.

    The American dollar is so low under Bush, that the Canadian dollar has actually surpassed it at points! haha that’s LAUGHABLE!

    Like I said, I voted for Bush… but he has under delivered. Did he promise to catch Osama? Yes. Did we? Nope.

    I am not saying Clinton was perfect, but man times were a helluva lot better then weren’t they?

    I am confident the American public has about had it with deception. The reason Bush has such a low approval rating is because he is (a) not delivering on promises, (b) destroying diplomatic capabilities, and (c) lying.

    I promise that an analysis of his Presidency will undercover more after he is done…

    Promise 🙂

  3. Bobby, I think excluding 9/11 from the equation is kind of like excluding the flood waters from the discussion of Katrina. The fact that Bush blew it when he had the Intel that al-Qaeda was up to something in August, 2001; the fact that Bush blew it when he had the Intel that there were no WMD’s in Iraq in the lead-up to the war, and the fact that Bush wanted to declare WW III after he had the Intel that Iran wasn’t building nukes, kind of makes your argument – I don’t know, INSANE!

  4. ok, first let me say..this is great! I like a good forum where we can discuss the issues and not get personal so thanks to everyone who keeps it this way.

    First point are we safer? Yes we are and as for the troops? I admire and respect anyone who puts their life on the line for me…I only wish i had not been the COWARD I was and joined up when i could but I am too old to do it now.
    Second: Yes the dollar is low and we have not caught Osama…I’ll give you those 2 as i think they are things Bush did mess up on.
    Third: Well Under Clinton ( I voted for him 2 times by the way…I am a democrat by registration) the most I ever made was 32,000 per year under clinton. Under Bush I now make almost twice that so I cannot say things were better under Clinton.
    Fourth: Our respect in the world has gone down since Korea..I agree with you that Bush has not kept promises but, I think America has lost respect in the world community because we as a nation have not kept our promises to other countries. I recently went to the Philippines and visited the memorial to the Bataan Death March….it amazed me at how this is kept so clean and the filipinos are there to help you find a name on the wall. They love america there….they respect the fact that we helped them when they needed us throughout their history and they have not forgotten it even though there have been some disagreement between our countries. We should have gone back to Iraq for the single reason is that we gave our word as a nation that we would help the Kurds if they rose up against Saddam Hussein and we did not keep that word…we should keepiour promises to other people and our credibility will go back up in the world.

    As far as Lying? Ok here we go again…EVERYBODY in the world , including the United Nations said Iraq had WMD’s and yes they were found just not reported in the main is very easy to second guess what could have been done by looing back at 8-2001 and saying see this shows that it was going to happen why didn’t bush do something…like the guys that take the writings of Nostradamas and say see he was predicting the future but none of these people can tell you what is going to happen next by looking at his writings..hindsight is 20/20.
    Iran does have something up its sleeve…why would a country so rich in gas and oil need nuclear power to generate electricity? Do you really think they just want to generate electricity with nuclear power? that is the insane thing that is going on in Iran..and unfortunately Nostradamas isn’t talking about it…yet.

  5. I’m a little surprised with this article, Justin. I’m not sure it flowed from a dispassionate analysis of all past US presidencies, including those of Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, etc.

    You don’t think Bill Clinton was a worse president than Bush, morally speaking? With Clinton we got open support for abortion; personal infidelity; a smooth, grinning liar; and a power-mad man.

    Bush may have been wrong about many things, but he seems to be always sincere and a man who takes his Christian faith seriously. It’s some of his wily advisers and other government officials who feed him the lies. I believe historians will summarize President Bush as a good man who was brainwashed, with resulting serious consequences for the Middle East and the world.

    Let’s not judge and condemn the president, but pray for him instead.

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