Giuliani and Robertson…what a JOKE!

Here we go again.  Fanatic TV personality Pat Robertson has come out to announce his support for Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.   This blatent attempt to persuade the Christian right is just plain sickening.  Yes, we all know Giuliani is less than perfect (heck, if he is elected, he’ll be the first divorced man in the White House)  I laughed when I read the headline to this story…literally.  Here is the first paragraph from it:

Pat Robertson, the television evangelist and Christian Coalition founder, endorsed Republican White House hopeful Rudy Giuliani for president when the two men appeared together at the National Press Club in Washington on Wednesday.

Robertson said he decided to endorse Giuliani because he was “a proven leader who is not afraid of what lies ahead and who will cast a hopeful vision for all Americans.”

If that is the only reason Robertson is supporting Giuliani, then that is enough reason to support about 70% of the candidates.  What sickens me is that Robertson didn’t just come out of the woodwork to support his “pal” Giuliani.  He was sought out, and brought to the front so all the world could see that a, GASP, fundamentalist Christian supports this man.

and heck, if Robertson supports him…he MUST be good right?  HA!

Sadly, all the “Robertsonites” will blindly follow their leader’s word.  I mean, this makes sense after contributing thousands of dollars to his ministry wealth.

As I have said, religion and politics are arguably impossible to separate.  Especially when politicians seek campaign help from attention seeking millionaire “preachers”.


5 Responses

  1. Religion and politics shouldn’t be separated. The so called wall of separation so loudly spouted off was originally in regards to having a state sponsored religion, and almost nothing else.

    However, politics should always be a small and limited, so religion is less likely to be corrupted or be tempted into using it for its ends.

    As for Guiliani being a leader, I don’t want a leader as President. The President isn’t even supposed to be a leader of the American people, only the troops. With every year since 1865, we’ve treated the Presidency more like a kingship. Dead Presidents on money is a dead giveaway.

    I agree. It’s a joke, but not a terribly funny one.

  2. Haha…. ouch. The truth hurts, don’t it? You have a good point, and while I’ve never been a fan of Patty boy, this move really did surprise me. It’s almost sad…. seeing someone who so ardently attacks pro-choicers actually endorsing one. I wonder, is it really about the morals/values? Or has it become “whatever’s best for the party.”

    I doubt it was a coincidence that he is the most moderate of the bunch, and therefore most likely to win the votes of people sick of right wing conservativism.

  3. Moreover, Robertson dared to insult religion and millions of believers by touting Giuliani as a “good Catholic.” Unbelievable. It’s bad enough hypocrisy for Giuliani himself to claim he’s a good Catholic, but to have a religious fundamentalist Christian give him that flattery is just plain weird.

  4. Anyone who, like Pat Robertson, who publically calls for the assassination of a foreign president (twice, no less) without thinking about the consequences to the missionaries serving in that foreign country or about the morality of his statement, has some serious problems.

  5. It is a joke – but the joke’s on Rudy and Pat. The former has now lost any credibility he may have gained, and the latter never had any. I wouldn’t be surprised if any moderates who may have been considering Rudy will now turn tail and run over to the Democratic camp.

    And the death knell ringeth yet again for the Republican party…

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