Why Are Humans the only ones who can Sin?

I was thinking…why are human beings the only species who can sin?! Animals can’t ever sin. Or can they? I guess I don’t know, but honestly, why is human kind blessed with the curse (the curse of sin that is)? Is it because we are made in God’s image? (which is love). So if we’re made in God’s image of love, does that make us liable to sin? The animals of this planet also live in the fallen nature the Bible describes…so does that mean that they sin, but just unknowingly?

It’s kind of frustrating really. How come the animals are free of sin but human kind is not? Man, the animals have it EASY! What’s worse, according to contemporary Christian theology, people who sin will suffer forever. Kind of makes you want to be an animal doesn’t it? Sure, you won’t have a glorified heaven, but you won’t have a (pagan) hell either. Not to mention you’d have some pretty awesome abilities (like running 50mph when chasing a gazelle!).

This post is meant to be light hearted, but it some of the questions I raise are very real. For now, I can only try to be as least bad as I can (that’s what Christians are trying to do anyway…they don’t try to be good, but rather they try to not be bad).


4 Responses

  1. They don’t try to be good…they try to not be bad…
    Kind of reminds me of a professional teams that tries “not to lose” instead of trying to win.

    Usually, in my experience, they lose.

    Thanks for the post. You don’t know me, but it’s amazing where that little “random blog” site will take you.

  2. Because we have free will.

  3. “It’s kind of frustrating really. How come the animals are free of sin but human kind is not?”

    Well they certainly aren’t free of the effects of sin (death).

  4. I don’t think animals can sin, because they do not know what sin is. God is fair and just and would not condemn someone or something if they/it had no knowledge of wrong. I agree with you, they do not face the second death. Though they may not face the possibility of hell, they also do not face the possibility of Heaven. I wouldn’t trade places with an animal. I have to laugh and agree, we do try to be least bad. Totaltransformation’s comment made me laugh. (It was good) When one laughs about the death of something he isn’t being least bad, is he?
    Hey, you can buy a motorcycle that will go 150 MPH and you can chase gazelles with it if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it!!!! Though on second thought it might be fun! On third thought, the tree huggers would probably stop it.

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