For some Reason

For some reason, this blog was shut down for the majority of today. It said that I had violated the terms of service…but to be honest, I could not figure out where (or how) I did!?

Just when I thought 6-months of writing was down the drain, it popped up again!

I don’t know if this website will be shut down, so I apologize if you come here one day and it’s gone. That’s all I have for now, just wanted to relay some information.


3 Responses

  1. Justin,
    I have had the same scare. Everything was just gone and it came back by it’s self. So I save the site every so often. It is a pain, but it is insurance.

  2. Scary. I write and save all my articles (most of ’em) in Word and then cut an paste to the blog. So, if the blog goes down, I still have the articles. Now if the blog AND the computer go on the fritz….oops!

  3. Great to see Politics and Religion back.

    Not only do I save all of my articles in Word as dwhitsett does, but I also I write them to CDs so I never have to lose any of them permanently.

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