Iran Invites Bush to Speak at University

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invited President Bush to speak at an Iranian university if the American leader ever traveled to the Islamic Republic, state-run television reported Friday. Personally, I don’t think they could provide ample security. Even if they did, I wouldn’t want Bush speaking to the future of this world.

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4 Responses

  1. President Bush should accept this invitation. Even though I disagree strongly with most of his foreign policy, I would love to see him addressing Iranian intellectuals. The principles of reciprocity and of listening to the other side’s concerns is essential to dialogue.

    So if Bush is serious about resolving the controversy with Iran, he needs to go talk to their thought leaders, listen to their questions and answer them, instead of simply sitting back comfortably in the White House and uttering scripted threats.

  2. I don’t think Bush accepted because he has tried to create an image for America. He won’t associate with “terrorists”. That being said, i think it was kind of a half hearted invite on behalf of Ahmedinejad. He knows Bush won’t come and speak (no U.S. official has been to Tehran in years). It’s just some more propaganda on Ahmedinejad’s part to make him look like the “good guy”.

  3. Please be very careful how you use the word “terrorists.” Are you implying that the Iranian president is a terrorists or that all Iranians are terrorists? If the second option is true, I think you need to do more study on Iran, its people and the attitude of the average Iranian toward the US.

  4. Cadawg,
    I think your comment needs to be directed to President Bush (hence the quotes around the word “terrorist”.)

    I wasn’t calling anyone terrorists, but President Bush does, and is likely the reason why he will never speak over there.

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