The Coward Commenter of Politics and Religion

As many of you know, the reason I have made this blog is to talk about the major topics within politics and religion in a civilized manner. These are two topics which are very important in society (see my free report for deeper inquiry on this), and it is a shame that people will shy away from them as if they are the black plague.

So, I created a haven to talk about these important issues. Some posts have been better than others; some posts received a lot of attention while others go unnoticed. And my favorite, Sometimes people will comment.

I think that comments are the power behind the blog. I actually started the blog because of the opportunity to not only talk about what I love, but to talk with others about what I love. Which brings me to one of the downfalls with blogs… the “coward commenter”.

The coward commenter is someone who comes to this blog (or blogs in general), gets all fired up about something I have written, posts their thoughts (some more close minded than others unfortunately), and then never returns.

This doesn’t make sense to me.

Why bother posting if you don’t come back to see the reply. Ah Ha! In there lies the answer…these people DON’T WANT to see the reply because they are afraid they will be wrong or challenged. Oh how easy it is to type up a vicious reply to a post…”I’ll show him!” they think to themselves. Oh how cowardly (and quite entertaining).

I don’t doubt I’ll get more comments like that in the future. So, if you are thinking about leaving a comment, please do. Know that it is my intention to have back-and-forth conversation (where applicable). If you are a cowardly commenter, you can post your thoughts too, I do sometimes enjoy the easy victory in debate 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Justin,
    I’ll go you one better. I can’t stand a comment that is awaiting moderation. You know that when you receive this message that the person only wants those comments that agree with him/her. I go to the trouble to write a comment and then I find that I have just wasted my time. There ought to be a warning that the person is only going to accept comments that agree with him so I/we will not waste our time.

  2. Maybe I am a coward. Hesitantly, I wil “deposit” my thoughts on a topic. I do check back, but really don’t care what another writer has to say about my views. I write my own opinions, and I don’t look for a “war” of words. I like to read what others think, but I don’t believe it is my place to agree/disagree with another’s position. I state mine. They state theirs. I read. I learn. I like it that way……….

  3. Hi astudent,
    yes I agree. Unfortunately, some of the comments people put on this site “await moderation” because they include a link or they are a first time visitor. Nonetheless, I always approve them (even if they are direct insults)…because in life we don’t get the luxury of moderating feedback 🙂

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