Reducing God to Bumper Stickers

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Sigh, I was in the car today and stuck in a long line at a stop light. While waiting for my turn to creep through the green light, I started to read the variety of bumper stickers on the cars around me. Among them:

Support our Troops

Bring our Troops Home

God Loves You

Life is Better with Jesus

Jesus For King ’08

Perhaps I am being a bit “mean”, but bumper stickers are pointless. Most of them try to relay complex political and religious concepts in a a three word, sometimes rhyming, often pathetic, blurb. I hate these kind of bumper stickers. I don’t believe that theology can be summed up in a word (or a symbol… i.e. the Fish magnet on cars).

These bumper stickers make me shake my head because it just demonstrates the shallow understanding people have regarding their faith. Perhaps I am wrong, but anyone with a deeper understanding of their religion understands that a three word bumper sticker is actually an INSULT to religion; a disservice to intellectual thought.

If you are a bumper sticker owner, I apologize if this post upset you in any way. However, you should know how others view these things (and the majority of opinions are negative).


7 Responses

  1. I think people have bumber stickers because want to get a word in without having to respond to any questions.

  2. I think bumper stickers should primarily be used for funny jokes that make everyone smile, rather than for pushing a point of view. Because it’s impossible for drivers to have conversations about, say, politics or religion, they are pretty much never invitations for dialog: they are just “in your face: what do you think about THAT” advertisements. In that sense, they are on the same level of communication as making a rude gesture.

  3. yes, they def come across as “take THAT”…and pretty close minded (whether the individual is or not)

  4. Well said, hear, hear, and all that. I especially despise the “Honk if you Love Jesus” ones…if I honk its because you are driving like an idiot.

  5. I agree on most bumper stickers, however, there’s an occasional bumper stick that is justified. We can’t wrap them all up in one package. ::shrug::

  6. Sure, there are plenty of simplistic, weird, crazy and offensive bumper stickers out there, but there are also a lot of good ones worth posting. These good ones are certainly not pointless. When I was younger my mom and dad each had one on their vehicle saying, “We vote pro-life.” Another great one is “No Jesus–No Peace; Know Jesus–Know Peace.” And who could argue with “Choose Life–Your Mom Did”? Such a brief statement can have a greater impact on people’s thinking than hours of multisyllabic debate on the topic.

    It was a funny thing: in 1996 my parents sported “Dole Kemp” stickers and their candidate lost, so in 2000 they decided to avoid presidential candidate stickers and their candidate (Bush) won.

    What I don’t like is an old pickup crammed full of stickers–that usually means, “Don’t mess with me”.

  7. Correct, bumper stickers can and do have an impact-it usually takes the form of “we know where they stand”. Why would anyone take the time to speak with a group of individuals that rely on antiquated stories they attempt to apply to others lives but their own? Most religious fanatics argue that “evolution” is a myth or just a theroy; but offer no counter argument as to disprove or remove the support for it. They rush to have a medical scientist explain why someone has a specific disease and scream for a cure; but then attack the very establishment for being un-christian when it fails to answer their question. So, if you feel you need a bumper sticker, then by all means put one on your vehicle, but remember that there is always someone who doesn’t have to say a word to you because you have already stated your worldly oppinion…and there is no need to pick a fight with the unarmed.

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