Iran Invites Bush to Speak at University

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invited President Bush to speak at an Iranian university if the American leader ever traveled to the Islamic Republic, state-run television reported Friday. Personally, I don’t think they could provide ample security. Even if they did, I wouldn’t want Bush speaking to the future of this world.

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Ahmadinejad’s Opening Statement…YIKES!

The Iranian President spoke at Cambridge University the other day. Many of the transcripts are available online where you can get an idea for this man’s views and the American reaction. In opening the first part of the transcript, you will read the following:

the president recites verses from the holy Koran in Arabic. “Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those to attest to his rightfulness.”

This is how Ahmadinejad opened his speech…no big deal right? Well, it immediately worried me. You see, the return of Imam al-Mahdi can only come with destruction never seen before on this planet (he comes in, resolves everything and creates ‘peace’…of course, if you don’t submit to Islam, you are beheaded).  I should note that this is similar to the Christian ministries who can’t wait for Jesus’ return (which is said to be after massive world-wide destruction).

There are a great deal of Muslims who believe in Imam al-Mahdi’s eventual return. The problem is, Ahmadinejad can effectively “hasten the arrival” of the Imam by creating carnage himself…through nuclear war perhaps?

The Greatest Sin

It is not uncommon to hear Christians talking about sins, and if one is worse than another. Naturally, it says that all sins are equally detestable to God, but is there a sin that rises above them all?

In short, I would say no (although there is mention of the “unforgivable” sin, which is speaking against the holy spirit). Nonetheless, I heard someone say something very interesting the other day that I want to share. During one of my classes at business school, the professor said something along the lines of:

One of the greatest sins that the Bible harps on is underutilization of potential

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The Coward Commenter of Politics and Religion

As many of you know, the reason I have made this blog is to talk about the major topics within politics and religion in a civilized manner. These are two topics which are very important in society (see my free report for deeper inquiry on this), and it is a shame that people will shy away from them as if they are the black plague.

So, I created a haven to talk about these important issues. Some posts have been better than others; some posts received a lot of attention while others go unnoticed. And my favorite, Sometimes people will comment.

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Fox News, only broadcast network that did not air Democratic response

Following President Bush’s address to the nation on Iraq, Fox was the only broadcast network not to air the Democratic response. Instead, Shepard Smith gave a short description of the response and stated…

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Spirit or Soul (which one is it?)

Today I want to pose a question to anyone who visits this blog. I would like to get your honest thoughts on this concept. Often times we hear of religious leaders and people from every walk of life talk about the “soul”. People will claim to be in contact/be one with their soul. Some even claim that Jesus has spoken to their soul.

On the other hand, we have Paul and Jesus speaking about the spirit. The spirit is a very Jewish concept, derived from the Old Testament – the concept of the soul has been labeled a Greek invention.

So which is it? A Soul or a Spirit? Are they the same thing? Are they different? Why or why not?  I want to hear your beliefs.

Soul? Spirit? Both? Lay it on me.

No Message Reaches Religious Lunatics

Adolf Hitler by Susan Jacoby

I assume that the definition of “religious extremist” is someone willing to kill anyone seen as an opponent of the extremist’s faith or political goals. The idea that there is any point in sending a “message” to fanatics is a fantasy beloved by many good, naive people of all faiths or no faith. What is one to say to Osama bin Laden, whose idea for world peace is that everyone else convert to Islam? Continue reading