What ever Happened to “a New Way Forward”?!

Has anyone else been wondering what happened to Bush’s campaign to start a “new way forward in Iraq”? When this “plan” came out, it was all we heard every single leader saying. The study group on Iraq was supposed to be the best (newest) plan that we could possibly put into action…so why don’t we hear about it anymore?

I am fuzzy on remember the details of this plan, but I remember it included increasing military presence in the country for a fixed amount of time, and then slowly letting the Iraqi government take control. Does anyone remember the number of months until we started withdrawing? Sadly, I don’t off the top of my head, which means the majority of the American public is probably in the same boat…which means the President has successfully LIED AGAIN to the Nation.

As I have said, I voted for Bush, but I cannot justify his lack of ethics. Many close-minded individuals think he is the best for the job simply because he is a Christian. Gag me. I am a Christian, and I feel he has done more damage to this country than any President in recent history (possibly the entire national history).

I love this country, but the hypocrisy of our elected officials is so freaking out of control that it makes me contemplate going somewhere else. No one listens to public voice. The name of the game has become $$$…

Our current leaders have failed us, this country, and themselves miserably.


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  1. We aren’t hearing about this “New Way Forward” anymore because it didn’t work.

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