Marijuana, Pot, Weed… Call it what you want, but it is likely that the U.S. government will start a stronger campaign against marijuana use in this country.  For years, marijuana advocates have preached that smoking pot is a benign drug, claiming that there are no true negative side-effects (and therefore should be legal).  I can recall plenty of times when someone I knew would get on their soapbox about how “smoking pot is safe compared to cigarrettes, blah, blah, blah”.

Well not anymore.

According to a recent study, it has been noted that smoking marijuana increases the chance of one becoming psychotic.  Experts from the study noted that “even infrequent use could raise the risk of mental illness by 40%”.

“We’ve reached the end of the road with these kinds of studies,” said Dr. Robin Murray of King’s College, who had no role in the Lancet study. “Experts are now agreed on the connection between cannabis and psychoses. What we need now is for 14-year-olds to know it.”

So the game is over for all the pot-heads.  Marijuana, like cigarrettes, is physically bad for your mind and body (especially from all that late night White Castle).

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13 Responses

  1. Ok the poster of this blog is nuts! How come you didn’t quote this, “The researchers said they couldn’t prove that marijuana use itself increases the risk of psychosis, a category of several disorders with schizophrenia being the most commonly known.” ??????? This is the reefer madness video from the 1930s where its said that colored people who smoke pot will rape white women. This is FUD pure and simple. How can you possibly believe this article??

    What about this quote from the same article, “Scientists cannot rule out that pre-existing conditions could have led to both marijuana use and later psychoses, he added.”

    I love it how people only read from the article what they want to here.

  2. I’ll admit, I’ve never been one to defend smoking weed and/or cigarettes…call me old fashion, but the idea of pulling smoke into the lungs can’t be spun in a positive light for me.

  3. Justin,
    I think this is somewhat funny….Well, in a way. It seems there is a campaign to stop anyone from doing anything that might harm their health. Have you wondered where the money comes from to finance these campaigns? Advertising is very expensive and no one spends money without some perceived benefit for themselves. If you “Follow the Money” it seems insurance companies are the only ones that have anything to gain from such expensive campaigns (cigarettes – cooking oil – etc) (it helps the bottom line). When one reads about things we do not agree with it helps to remember Revelation 22:11. I use to smoke until I realized that it makes no sense to burn your money up to ruin your health so I agree with you, but I don’t feel compelled to stop some one else.

  4. What BS….! How stupid do you think people are?

  5. Since this website is called Politics & Religion you might have well included the 1000 year old fact that marijuana has been used in religious cerimonies for years. Not to mention it was placed here on the earth by God. This article is pure refer madness at it’s worse. I’m sure the gov’t will find some use for it.

  6. “Not to mention it was placed here on earth by God”

    So?… The ingredients for Cigarettes are here too, so I guess God supports us smoking oursleves into cancer.

    I don’t mind people who disagree, but at least present a half-decent argument.

  7. While the study indicates that they have yet to prove that “marijuana itslelf” causes psychoses, correlation is a very strong indicator to it. Statistically, correlation is not “proof positive,” but it is very reliable both scientifically and sociologically (used often in polling where causation is near impossible to discern across demographics).

    The study speaks for itself. Anything idolized or taken to the extreme is bad. Duh. Pot is not a noble virtue to be defended, it is a crutch and an escapist’s medium for avoiding reality (to whatever degree). In the same way, anyone who drinks to “take the edge off” or take advantage of the effects of alcohol are also doing the same thing. The difference is that alcohol in small doses is not dangerous.

    Good article, Justin.

  8. haha i think its kinda funny th experiments the govenrment do about weed. first off how do you say something bad when you barely know what it does. second if you say weed is bad you saying the one who created it is bad. thus your saying God made a mistake. thats just how i take it. You can say what you want about it but accept the fact that it was here before and will be here after you. what the government needs to do is listen to the people who smokes weed not the ones who doesn’t. if some people uses it for a crutch thank God they doing that instead taking it out on someone else. and i guess i’ll warn he whole government a nation divided against will not stand. so make it not only legal educate the people on the truth and let it grow like a regular plant.

  9. the truth is weed kills negative thoughts not brain cells. It relaxes the mind body and soul. if everybody ate weed or smoked it the world would be a better place but until that day we go be just how we are now lost. Good thing some people are found.

  10. Hi Mike,
    I agree with you, God did make weed. But I wonder if He was thinking, “I’ll put this plant on earth so humans can inhale it into their lungs”. The answer seems quite obvious.

    the truth is weed kills negative thoughts not brain cells.
    if everybody ate weed or smoked it the world would be a better place

    Interesting statements, any supporting facts?

  11. Weed allows people to think for themselves. That’s why governments and organized religion has such a problem with it. If the government was so concerned about our health and safety then why is alchohol and tobacco legal?

    Weed makes the world a better place. It promotes peace and compassion, definetly not in the interest of governments who thrive off war profiteering or religious institutions who thrive off divisiveness.

    Look at the biggest anti-canabis advocates. What examples do they set for peace,health or well being?

    Those in the know know better. The rest like to condemn others because it makes them feel like better people. If you are so concerned about the health of others then climb off the soap box(we don’t believe you anyway) and go help somebody.

  12. Regarding facts,

    With all respect, you have only stated your opinion as well as the opinions of others. The preestablished opinion/agenda of the investigator weighs heavily on the published results of any investigation(if you cant reach that conclusion independently than read Freakanomics). We either choose to believe them or we don’t. You choose to believe the study which you cited, while some of your readers don’t. We are all trading in opinions, yourself as well.

    And lets not even discuss context. Different people will accept and propogate what they want out of the same observances. Personally I believe the study you referenced is biased and agendized. I could hire a team of ‘qualified’ researchers, conduct my own study find different results, publish it in a ‘credible’ periodical and you would still not accept it as ‘fact’, because it would not agree with what you believe already. Your request for ‘facts’ is either disingenuous or niave because you are not dealing with facts yet ask it of others.

    Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and savior? Based on what ‘facts’?


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