Worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster

FSM logo2.svg This post contains the best theist response I have found in regards to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  In short, it analyzes the faults with the “theology” behind the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and similiar Atheist creations by exposing the theological and philisophical flaws.  Props to Phillip for the post (you can also read it at his blog, Agkyra).


How is belief in the God of the Bible different than belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster god or Invisible Pink Unicorn goddess?

The FSM and IPU are, according to Wikipedia, the deities in two parody religions intended to help us theists realize how fatuous our beliefs seem to atheists.

There is a fundamental disanalogy, though, which is that no one really does believe the FSM or IPU exists, let alone is god. And why not? Because there are no reasons to. So, of course it is ridiculous to believe something for which there are no reasons, which takes us back to the fact that we theists believe in God for reasons of all different kinds.

Moreover, since the atheists are sufficiently intelligent to recognize the disanalogy, what can we conclude but that it’s just mean spiritedness. No surprise there since atheists have never succeeded in putting forward a compelling (no pun intended) basis for moral or ethical behavior. The closest they come is one grounded in the utility, or relative costs and benefits, of an action, but then we encounter the problem (among others) of private and public utility. It’s a lot of fun to one guy personally to make fun of other people. His personal utility, as he measures it, is high. The benefits to him outweigh the costs, even if a lot of other people have a negative reaction to it. It’s basically the same as littering cigarette butts, in fact. The smoker makes a decision based on his own personal utility–what does he care whether anyone else wants to look at his butts?

So mean spiritedness is exactly what one would expect to be increasingly common in an increasingly atheistic world. If they had not wanted to be mean spirited, they could have pointed to something like Heaven’s Gate as a genuine analogy. We believe the Heaven’s Gate people were wrong to the point that, if it weren’t such a serious and sad affair, you might have felt free to call them nuts. Nevertheless, they really believed–their actions proved it–and they believed for reasons, however mistaken we believe they were. But, Heaven’s Gate isn’t funny, and it wouldn’t achieve the desired effect of mocking theists. “You theists seem to us a lot like the Heaven’s Gate people.” Yeah, so what?

Finally, the atheists are shooting themselves in the foot by betraying one of their most sacred points of dogma. Atheists deny that they believe God does not exist and are fond of saying instead that they have no belief about God’s existence whatsoever, either that he does or does not exist. The stance they adopt is that they’re just waiting for someone to present some evidence, and until then, their belief is unformed. Obviously, the disbelief in the FSM or IPU that they’re counting on us to exhibit is not simply lack-of-belief or no-opinion on the subject–we all believe that the FSM does not exist. That means that if it is the case that the FSM truly mirrors how atheists feel about theistic belief, then they must, in fact, believe that God does not exist. Doh!


8 Responses

  1. You have interesting thoughts.


  2. Yeah, that was a killer post. The comments back and forth (and also on De-Conversion) illustrate it even more.

  3. […] religion (i.e., a deliberately fake religion that supposedly mirrors theistic beliefs).  This article does a nice and brief analysis of its logical […]

  4. Thanks for the great post.

  5. “Moreover, since the atheists are sufficiently intelligent to recognize the disanalogy, what can we conclude but that it’s just mean spiritedness.”

    This is one bible-believing/family man/church deacon/long-time Christian who finds the FSM hilarious and not mean-spirited at all.

    It strikes me as parody – funny parody, oftentimes – and not much else. But to each his own.

  6. There is a fundamental disanalogy, though, which is that no one really does believe the FSM or IPU exists, let alone is god. And why not? Because there are no reasons to.

    Justin, that is the point of the comparison. The evidence in support of the existence of the FSM, IPU, Yahweh, or Wotan is equal in both quantity and quality.

  7. Jody, your assertion is transparently false. There is evidence, for instance, that Jesus actually existed — including evidence outside of Christian writings, such as with the historians Tacitus and Josephus — evidence that Jesus claimed to be the Jewish God, evidence that Jesus was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and evidence that Jesus rose from the dead.

    The evidence for all this may be insufficient for you, though that may be less a criticism of the evidence we have and more an indictment of the assumptions you bring with you in examining the evidence. But that simply does not mean that the evidence is “equal in both quantity and quality” to the evidence that the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists, and it’s simply foolish to make such a claim.

  8. Justin, the evidence for the historical figures of Jesus, Siddhartha, and Mohammed is equal in quantity and quality.

    The evidence that Jesus died and was resurrected, Siddhartha touched Nirvana and returned, and Mohammed rode a magic horse to heaven, is both equal in quantity and quality.

    The evidence that the gods Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, or Wotan exist is both equal in quantity and quality.

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