Is America ready for a Black Man or White Woman?

Personal stories highlight debate I was listening to one of my favorite radio talk shows this morning and the host posed an interesting question: is America ready for a black man or white woman president? The question was followed by a variety of callers that voiced their opinions, some were valid points, while others were an example of ignorance.

In the end, the overall consensus is “yes”, America is ready. I mean, the very fact that these two individuals alone have raised tens of millions of dollars should be a pretty clear indicator…but I would contend that it is not because we have “progressed” beyond all racial and sexist barriers, but because the desire for a change is so great that anything new and different is simply refreshing.

I could go on and on about why Bush is a horrible president…but people just get tired of the same old banter about the man (a man who I voted for in 2004). Instead let’s just skip that part and understand that Bush is, in a word, a pretty crappy president (the worst?).

America is ready for a refreshing change as it seems quite apparent being a “maverick” in today’s society is a pretty stupid path to choose. Nonetheless, I think the public is fooling themselves if they think the next president will just make everything fine and dandy. Consider that the majority of the country wants to get out of Iraq yet our legislators can’t make it happen (despite democrats having the majority).

In fact, I will argue that it will take at least one term for the next president to begin turning around the American perception in this world, whether he or she is a democrat or republican.

I am looking forward to the next election because it is quite clear that America is ready for a change, be it black, white, yellow, purple, male, female, democrat, republican, or independent.

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  2. I also am generally dissatisfied with the Bush administration, but at least give him credit for his pro-life initiatives–Supreme Court appointees and opposition to federally-funded stem cell research that involved the destruction of human embryos.

    God forbid Hillary Clinton win in 2008. Obama might be wonderful if he was pro-life.

  3. Justin,
    I say Hillary for President! Believe it or not, she is the more Moderate of the Democratic candidates (I’ve been watching the debates). She knows that we just can’t “get out of Iraq” that quickly or that easily. There must be at least a year’s preparation alone.

    I must say that I too voted for Bush, but think he is just “big oil” like the rest of them. Something must be done against corporate greed. The Clintons are also among the elite, but I think that we should give Hillary a chance to rise or fall on her own merits and political experience, forget for the moment that she’s a woman. Most people don’t realize that even a Democratic President will not change things as radically as people think (my mother thinks we’ll all become socialists if a Democrat is president. sigh.) Why can’t we just look at credentials and forget sideline issues? Personally I’d like to see Bill Clinton as “First Gentleman” for once. 🙂

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