Become a Pedophile and Get Rich!

Some of you may be interested to know that if you become a child molester, you have the chance to become REAL rich! How is this so? Well, it all starts with Dateline’s most popular show, “To Catch a Predator”. If you have not seen this show, you are really missing out. The host lures in predators by myspace conversation. A date is set and they show up thinking they are about to have sex with a 13 year old boy/girl. When they show up, BAM, the camera crew comes out and interviews them. At anytime they can leave but as soon as they do the police arrest them. It’s beautiful. I love seeing these sick individuals get nabbed.

Okay, now that you are caught up, I can explain how you can get rich by being one of these sickos (or at least knowing one).

Apparently one man fell for the trap and showed up at what he thought was a 13yr old’s house, condoms ready. It looked like Dateline was about to bust another one of these guys. However, as soon as he saw the camera crew, he shot himself.

A tragic suicide to say the least, but what really gets under my skin is the fact that this man’s sister is trying to sue NBC for $100 million!! I will be beside myself if the justice system ends up ruling in favor for the sister of the man who intended to have sex with a minor. The sister of this man is blaming NBC for her brother’s suicide, which I believe is complete bull. Yes, he killed himself, but only because he knew he had been caught…

Let’s pretend that NBC stopped murderers, and in the process of catching one, he shot himself. Would it be okay for the family to blame NBC for the man’s suicide? Not a chance.

I can only hope that the jury uses their common sense on this one.


2 Responses

  1. I just saw part of that show the other night. Those guys are really creepy.

    I pray that this deters some of them from destroying the lives of girls.

    And I pray that Planned Parenthood stops hiding (statutory) rapists from justice.

  2. Your post reflects a bigger problem within our culture. It has become commonstance to deflect responsibility. Blaming others for the “wrongs” that they do has become an accepted defense.

    I watch this show, and I marvel at the men’s contrite reaction at being caught. They plead for a break. They say they were not going to do anything. Next to never do they admit to their behavior, see it as wrong, or think of the girl.

    Our society has raised a generation of people that have become use to excuses and lack of responsibility. The show reminds me of this reality.

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