How to Practice Faith at Work Without Offending Others

office pray I ran across this little article and thought it was interesting. Here’s how some employers integrate religion into the workplace without offending others (and of course, facing some outrageous lawsuit). I was not aware of these initiatives, but I suppose I may see them a bit more as I enter into the corporate world upon leaving graduate school.

What do you out there think of religion in the work place?



One Response

  1. I led the Christian employee network group at Compaq (and then HP) for a few years so this brings back memories. I think groups like that are great to bring Christians together for prayer requests via emails and for lunchtime Bible studies.

    We didn’t want to be the “official religion of HP,” though. I just wanted to encourage people not to leave their faith at the door. We needed to do great work (Colossians 3:23) but also to love and serve others. Ideally we would create relationships that could lead to sharing the Gospel when appropriate, but never in a situation that would make someone feel their job was going to be impacted by their decision.

    You’d be surprised how many chances you have to witness productively if you are intentional about it.

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