Gas Consumption per Day: U.S. verse Rest of World [pic]

It is not a secret that our reliance on gas/oil/petroleum (what have you) is putting us in the hands of countries in the Middle East.  This chart demonstrates our consumption compared to the rest of the world…it’s pretty remarkable.  Yes, I am aware of the different factors (such as size), but this is kind of rediculous.  No matter, we will continue down this path until we (or some other country) develops an alternative fuel source (since petroleum is a non-renewable resource that we are running out of fast). 


One Response

  1. We are not running out of oil. We are running a little lower on cheap oil. There is decades worth of oil trapped in some sandy areas that could be cost-effectively recovered if prices go a bit higher.

    Note how cheap Iran’s gas is. A good economic or physical blockade could seriously impact their ability to keep the citizenry happy with cheap gas. I recommend trying it.

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