Jesus doesn’t Save – the Pope does!

According to a document that was signed by Pope Benedict on Tuesday, if you are not a Catholic, you are not a Christian. I guess all of us ‘other’ believers are screwed.

I am pretty disappointed by Pope Benedict’s GIANT step backwards. Pope John-Paul did wonders for breaking down the barriers between religions; he often demonstrated the love and compassion that carried no distinction.

It is quite apparent that Benedict is not half the man or religious leader compared to John-Paul.

What the Pope is failing to realize is that the “church” is more than a building or institution, for those things are man-made. The “church” refers to those that are of Christ. Can you imagine dying and then being confronted by Jesus, “sorry, you were a ________, and we only accept Catholics”. It’s a good thing Jesus doesn’t follow our silly rules.

I’m sure that the Pope believes he speaks for God, and I bet that many people believe that too. Interesting though, that some within the Vatican believe that:

“[the Pope’s decision] could be a question of internal church politics or a message to certain theologians it did not want to singe out.”

Politics huh? Well, being that the Pope is human, he certainly is influenced by politics (not very heavenly and certainly not from God). Some will contend that the Pope is above politics, but that’s just wishful thinking.

In the end, the Catholic church that the Pope is trying to create reminds me of the Pharisees’ temple establishment. He is creating walls and trying to put forth a “holy” prescription for salvation, one that values exclusion and limits Christ’s power.

I have lost all respect for this politically influenced human.


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  2. I think that it is possibile a misunderstanding with what has been said from the Pope.
    In the past, there was similar episodes, you can think when the Pope visited the Olocaus places and when he was accused from Arabi people.
    I think that there is a phrase that someone have misunderstood.
    Do you agree?

  3. Hi Gianluca,

    according to current information (like the article i linked to in my post), there is not a misunderstanding. The Pope is making it clear that it’s his way (Catholicism) or the high-way (Hell).

    I’ll keep an eye/ear open to see if the story changes in any way.

  4. Justin,

    This recent statement of the Pope is nothing new, and does not surprise me as a Catholic. Pope Benedict was simply restating that the Catholic Church is blessed with the fullness of revealed truth, which Cahtolics have believed for 2000 years.

    Be wary of the Western media as it loves to attack the Catholic Church by taking a handful of quotes out of context and distoring them. Remember how the media twisted Pope Benedict’s famous speech at Regensburg last year. Unfortunately, their ability to spread misunderstanding is excellent, and we are always having to fight back.

    The Pope was not by any means saying that a non-Catholic Christian such as yourself cannot be saved. He was saying that everyone of sincere heart and good will who is saved, no matter which Christian demonination he or she belongs to, is saved through the Catholic Church.

    Pope Benedict wishes to guard against religious relativism or syncretism which says that one church is as good as another. In all its ecumenical efforts, the Church has never admitted this idea. I do not see how you can criticize the Pope for reaffirming doctrinal integrity. Ecumenism will prosper when all of us not merely respect the beliefs of others, but clearly state our own.

    Please do me the favor of reading the brief document itself, which I am emailing you, before you make a decision regarding the character of the Pope.

  5. Hi Justin,
    thanks, I look forward to reading it.


  6. Religion sometimes gets in Gods way.
    I dont know how I feel about it, but I know for sure that when I meet Jesus he wont turn me away becuase I was not a Catholic. He will judge me for what has happend in my life and not because of a decision someone else decided to make.

    God bless and I will pray for him.

  7. I’d like to see a translation of the document itself. I just don’t trust MSNBC and others to properly translate it.

    One one hand I appreciate his honesty. I’m pretty sure that’s what they really think.

    Yet to diss Protestants and hold their inclusive views for other religions seems bizarre.

    I know they like to say they are the original church, but they are missing a key fact: The RC went bad roughly 500 years ago and Protestantism developed out of the correction. So we can trace our leaders back to the Apostles as well, if that is the litmus test.

    I appreciate a lot of what the RC’s do – pro-life, pro-traditional family, etc. But they have some awful doctrines, starting with the whole Pope thing.

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  9. I didn’t have respect for him in the first place 😉
    Terrbile decision to build another wall between faiths. Religion divides us much to much as it is.

  10. good old catholicism strikes again. Let me ask. why should there be a POPE in the first place. why should he wear fancy clothes and represent christianity. Christianity is not a relegion. Christ did not die and ressuruct to form another relegion. WHEN will my self righteous catholic bretheren know the TRUTH.

  11. Mr justin 2, a slight correction in your long comment.

    ‘He was saying that everyone of sincere heart and good will who is saved, no matter which Christian demonination he or she belongs to, is saved through the Catholic Church. ‘ ?

    I thought the bible said we r saved through CHRIST.

  12. Thomas,

    As I explained to Astudent on the page “PR for the Pope’s Recent Comments”, Christ and his Church are intimately united as one.

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