Money, Sex, and Drugs? Turn up the Radio!

A Neumann U87 capacitor microphone Don’t get me wrong, I love music. In fact, whenever I am in my car driving, I usually put in my favorite CD ( I don’t use my ipod in my car as of yet…kind of old-school), turn up the volume, and belt at the top of my lungs as I cruise down the road with windows down (and most likely speeding). This got me to thinking about the impact music has on our society. The FCC has many regulations on what is appropriate for the radio and what is not. In fact, I remember the days when you couldn’t buy a Green Day CD because it had that “Parent Advisory” label on it.

All in all, I agree with the regulations on obscenities and the like (despite being quite lax at times). However, I believe there is a greater problem in music on the radio: the image. The other day I was listening to my favorite station when a certain popular song came on (which shall remain nameless…but you’ll probably figure it out). While listening, the song contained a disturbing and quite annoying trend. Actually, I have noticed that this trend seems to permeate all the other songs currently on the radio as well.

So what were the lyrics that caught my ear? Here are just two:

“If you don’t got no money take your broke ass home”

“I got money in the bank”

The rest of the song is littered with verbal imagery about all the “amazing” things/items the artist has and can do with all the cash they are making. Personally, I think this is crap, and it doesn’t do much for the already over-materialistic society we live in. Being a musician myself, I can tell you that writing a song like the one I am referring to takes about zero talent (seriously, singing about how much money you have can’t be all that hard).

We have made money our idol in this country. The bible warns us about putting anything above God, but we do it ever-single-day. We sing about money, dream about money, live for money, want more money… the list goes on. The sad reality of it all is that trying to find happiness in wealth is impossible because you’ll always dream of more. Is it any surprise that many of the “rich and famous”, the ones that ‘have it all’ by our standards, often die from drugs and alcohol? They can’t settle their burning desire for resolution and joy, so they end up searching in the wrong places. I mean, the fact that antidepressants are the most prescribed medicine in this country should tell us something.

You want true happiness with life? Stop chasing an unobtainable dream (yes, enough money is unobtainable). Our human nature demands more from us.


2 Responses

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  2. Justin,
    You are, of course, correct. Almost all Christians think “IN GOD WE TRUST” means the God of the Bible, but really it means the god it is printed on.

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