20+ years of a Bush or Clinton…ugh

North façade of the White House, seen from Pennsylvania Avenue. A visiting head of state enters the house for a state dinner through the North Portico. Tourists finish their tour by exiting through the North Portico. The house was originally built without porticos. Before construction of the north portico in 1824, the north façade looked similar to Leinster House shown in the picture immediately below. Both James Hoban–original architect of the White House, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe who developed plans for its rebuilding after the 1814 fire, proposed north and south porticos. Both porticos, as built, are the work of Hoban.While surfing through my favorite online news outlets, I read the usual headlines of horrible death, empty threats, and grave tragedy. In the effort to end my news session on a “good note”, I went on over the the Politics section. There were many stories, but I decided to read up on the presidential candidates (they campaign earlier each election) and what they did over the holiday. Sure enough, the best selling authors, er…politicians, like Obama and Clinton were out swooning the crowds with fancy rhetoric on how they will make America better than ever before. Candidates like Romney and Brownback were out mingling with potential voters, taking candid photos and flashing big smiles.

One thing is for sure, the buzz of this upcoming election is like none I have seen before. Which got me thinking…

I know that I have not been around a very long time, but I came to a realization that during my entire life, there has been either a Bush or a Clinton in the Whitehouse! To be honest, I am a little wary of it all. I am ready for change. I pride myself on being objective, but I can’t shake the feeling of this trend possibly continuing … a quarter of a century with just one of two names leading this country (and that’s not including Bush Sr.’s time as Vice President).

I am happy to see we have such a large selection of candidates for 2008. At least the initial stages of this whole process will include names (and opinions) other than that of a Bush or a Clinton. I must admit that sometimes it feels like this country is trapped in the twilight-zone.


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  1. What, you don’t like Imperial succession planning? It’s been used in U.S. corporations for years. And it has a seal of approval from the Royal House of Saud.

    That’s why major companies like Ford, GM, GE, Boeing, Halliburton . . . apply their creative genius only to cost-plus government contracts.

    Jeez, you ought’ta go get a Harvard MBA like W.

  2. Yeah, it’s also why those companies struggle (especially Ford and GM)…much like our government at the moment.

    “Jeez, you ought’ta go get a Havard MBA like W.”

    ha, No thanks, I think I’ll take my full-ride elsewhere 😉

  3. […] 20+ years of a Bush or Clinton…ugh […]

  4. To avoid confusion, I will now call myself Justin II.

    I agree with Justin. The first president I was old enough to see on TV and remember was Bush I. It seems that the Bush family represents big oil and the Clinton family represents big business, AKA Wal-Mart.

    Brownback is my favorite among the current presidential contenders, followed somewhat distantly by McCain.
    However, my top favorite outside the major media circle is ‘Average Joe’ Schriner. Since 2000 he has been quietly touring the backroads of all forty-eight states with his family building a grassroots campaign. No one is more intimately acquainted with the needs of the country than this guy.

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