Christianity – a Spiritual Path

Here is a short five minute video clip of theologian Marcus Borg giving a talk titled, “Christianity as a Spiritual Path”.  At the end of the clip, there will be instructions of how to access the full video if this is the kind of stuff you enjoy (personally, I find it very fascinating).


4 Responses

  1. Borg obviously has a degree of intelligence, but when you dissect his views you realize how intellectually bankrupt they are. I did an analysis on Borg here.

    He calls himself a Christian even though he believes the opposite of essential Christian views (He thinks that none of the Bible is the Word of God, Jesus is not God, no miracles happened, etc.). He reads anything he doesn’t like in the Bible as a metaphor, even though basic reading guidelines don’t allow that latitude.

    He can’t even get John 3:16 right. Yes, it says God loves the world, but it gets more specific and says that whoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life (directly implying that those who don’t believe in Christ won’t have it). There are 99 other verses pointing out the exclusivity of Christ but Borg rationalizes those away as well.

    To call “believing” a modern thing is just silly.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. I just got his book Reading the Bible Again for the First Time from the library and can’t wait to read it.

  3. Hi Neil,

    I understand the reservations about Borg, I have them too. I can however appreciate his passion for understanding. For instance, I think that the Bible contains more symbolism and metaphors than we like to acknowledge because we often limit ourselves to strict literalism. I have a series in regards to this (you may already know)…but just incase, the first of the installments can be found HERE

    I look forward to reading your post.


  4. Hi Justin,

    Thanks. I agree that there are various literary devices in the Bible, such as metaphors, hyperbole, etc. (I don’t see many Christians walking around without eyes or hands).

    But I have found that the Borg-types go way too far the other direction and “metaphorize” (his term) anything they don’t like. And, ironically, they are literalists when they shouldn’t be (e.g., Matthew 7:1, when the context is judging hypocritically and they use it as a prooftext for not judging anything. This is a double-irony, of course, because they are judging about not judging.)

    I don’t dispute that there are some literalists on the conservative side, but I think that is often a dig used by Borg-types to dismiss those who take the Bible seriously (I don’t think you are in that camp, by the way – I find your arguments to be well reasoned).

    The most productive path would be to list out specific passages and discuss which are literal or figurative. Borg, for example, will claim that all miracles must be metaphorical because he thinks miracles can’t happen.

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