Analyzing Jesus: Was he really the Jewish Messiah?

Analyzing Jesus
Part Two: Was he really the Jewish Messiah?

The Star of DavidIn Part One of this series, we analyzed Jesus as a historical figure in history. The second part of this series is to address if Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, but in order to do that, we need to understand what Messianic Prophecies are. Scholars (Jewish and Christian) believe that the Bible (Old Testament) contains over 300 predictions about the Jewish Messiah. These predictions do not come from one source, but are from multiple authors in a variety of books ranging about 1,000 years. In other words, what we have here is an enormous “library” of statements made about the Jewish Messiah (what he will be like, what he will do, and so on). Continue reading


Bush is “secretly” planning to engage US forces in yet another war

By Robert D. Novak
Monday, July 30, 2007; Page A15
Washington Post

The morass in Iraq and deepening difficulties in Afghanistan have not deterred the Bush administration from taking on a dangerous and questionable new secret operation. High-level U.S. officials are working with their Turkish counterparts on a joint military operation to suppress Kurdish guerrillas and capture their leaders. Through covert activity, their goal is to forestall Turkey from invading Iraq. Continue reading

Analyzing Jesus: The Historical Figure

6th century mosaic in Ravenna portrays Jesus long-haired and bearded, dressed as a Greco-Roman priest and king. He appears as the Pantokrator enthroned as in the Book of Revelation, donning regal Tyrian purple, gesturing a benediction, with a sun cross halo behind his head. Though depictions of Jesus are culturally important, no undisputed record of Jesus' appearance exists.

Analyzing Jesus
Part One: The Historical Figure 

It’s about that time again. Time for me to start up a new series regarding religion/faith/Christianity. I can already tell that this series will be a long one, so get ready for the long haul. I will address Jesus on a variety of different fronts, trying my best to be objective (like a lawyer). Granted, I cannot completely rid myself of my preconceived biases, but I hope that you can, at the very least, respect my investigative reasoning. Continue reading

17 Christians Convicted in Indonesia For Beheading Muslims

Well this is a sad story indeed. Apparently some people feel that revenge is a value of Christianity. I am saddened to see such barbaric behavior. Click the ‘read more’ link for the full article.

“[They] beheaded two Muslims to avenge the government executions of three Christians in Indonesia.” “The revenge killings were the bloodiest incident in several days of protests…” read more

Marijuana, Pot, Weed… Call it what you want, but it is likely that the U.S. government will start a stronger campaign against marijuana use in this country.  For years, marijuana advocates have preached that smoking pot is a benign drug, claiming that there are no true negative side-effects (and therefore should be legal).  I can recall plenty of times when someone I knew would get on their soapbox about how “smoking pot is safe compared to cigarrettes, blah, blah, blah”.

Well not anymore. Continue reading

a Letter to Atheists

Mailbox USA.JPGThe internet has opened a whole slew of avenues to obtain information, meet new people, and read up on different ideas. Until recently though (roughly about the time I started this blog) I had never had constant contact with individuals from the atheist community. Wow have things changed. Today I read (daily) atheist commentaries and I even contribute on a very popular atheist blog (as the Christian Contributor of course). Continue reading

Worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster

FSM logo2.svg This post contains the best theist response I have found in regards to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  In short, it analyzes the faults with the “theology” behind the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and similiar Atheist creations by exposing the theological and philisophical flaws.  Props to Phillip for the post (you can also read it at his blog, Agkyra).


How is belief in the God of the Bible different than belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster god or Invisible Pink Unicorn goddess?

The FSM and IPU are, according to Wikipedia, the deities in two parody religions intended to help us theists realize how fatuous our beliefs seem to atheists. Continue reading