Let Muslims Rule – Or Else!

story.dujana.afp.gi.jpgAs we have seen for a while now, it appears that the best way to get someone to understand and adopt your religion in the middle east is to just kill them.

According to Islamic militant Abu Dujana, strategies such as the ever so popular car bomb will be used against Westerners in Indonesia.  In fact, “all Westerners are legitimate targets”, says Dujana.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the logical (or illogical) thought process that leads one to believe that the best way to ‘honor’ religion is by killing someone just because of geological location and societal ideals – very shallow thinking indeed. However, despite his twisted thinking, Dujana did say something that is very true.  In an interview with CNN, he told the reporter: “If they [Bush and Blair] refuse to let Muslims rule, we’ll continue doing what we are doing”.

This statement is absolutely, 100% true.  Essentially, if we keep trying to set up a Western government in that part of the world, there will always be vicious attacks with complete disregard to life and humanity.  In other words, there must be an alternative to the government we are attempting to set up in that region.  Our attempts now are like trying to push a square block through a circular hole – it just won’t work. If they keep doing what they are doing, then we (the U.S.) will have to keep doing what we are doing…fighting in Iraq.

But what does Dujana mean by letting “the Muslims rule”?  It’s not like we are putting government officials that are only Christian or Jewish power.  Well, although there are Muslims in power, Dujana is referring to secularization (the separation of state and religion).  The Qur’an was written for a governmental purpose as much as a religious one (see the free report on the side-bar for an explanation of this).

It is satisfying that we have caught Dujana (who faces the death sentence if convicted of his crimes against humanity), but I wonder if we have learned to block out what these people are saying.  Let’s try to understand where the hate and violence is stemming from instead of putting up our blinders and naively going about our usual routine.

(picture from cnn.com)


4 Responses

  1. I think if we left Iraq today, the fighting would still continue on their part. They want to dominate all of the Arab nations. After they accomplished that goal, they would be very much inclined to take their war to Europe. I think they want to rule the world.

  2. I agree madmouser…in fact, they (the extremists) don’t really try to hide this agenda.

  3. Sadly, Americans are very good at not hearing or rightly understanding what others are saying. We want to believe a fantasy and insist that how we perceive the world is how it must be. Life is much easier that way – no cognitive dissidences.

    In the short run, we may be able to deceive ourselves. However, unless we stop and truly listen and understand what our opponents (or enemies) are saying and believing, there will be no way we can counter their efforts – whether nefarious or not.

    Frankly, we are not much different on a macro-level in how we perceive “reality” and deal with the rest of the world than do the militant Islamicists.

  4. Exactly bgriff,
    we need to be able to see the world from their perspective before we attempt to make policy…and doing so implies understand Islam (or religion in general). Our elected officials are quite ignorant in that area.

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