Christians Can’t Ask Questions

 Standard question markI have discovered an interesting phenomenon that has emerged in the recent years in regards to theists, particularly Christians.  For the most part, many devout Christians are 100% dedicated to their faith.  They believe in Jesus and His message with full confidence and unwavering zeal.  I have also found that in some interpretations (i.e. extreme fundamentalism), the second that anyone begins to ask some questions, they are believed to have lost faith (and therefore are ‘frowned’ upon by Jesus).

However, what most people don’t realize is that asking questions is completely fine, in fact, it is encouraged.  For whatever reason, there are those who cannot grasp this concept, and although these people are sometimes represented by the extremes within the faith, many times it is the unbeliever that struggles with it. 

In my experiences, I have found that the unbeliever cannot understand how someone could believe (in say, the Bible) yet have questions.  If a Christian questions a belief, or something in the Bible, then they appear to be slipping away from the faith and therefore should accept the ‘truth’ of atheism (agnosticism, or what have you).  However, such is not the case.

In today’s world, questions are common and accepted in every facet of life (including science), except for religion.  We find that in the science, people will question something about nature and then test to find the answer.  This is no different than in religion.  Someone may question something in the Bible, and then test explanations through theology to discover the truth.  Do they have a bias in their quest?  Of course. Do scientists?  Of course.

The point I am trying to make is that it is okay to have questions regarding faith – and in fact, I would encourage it as it strengthens faith and demonstrates responsibility.


3 Responses

  1. People should feel free to ask questions. I encourage it. But asking questions presupposes that there are answers. Some use the “just ask questions” route to imply that there is no discrenable truth or that all paths are equally valid.

  2. Yes that is true…some question don’t have answers – and the finest scientific instruments or theological explanations won’t provide them.

  3. i concur entirely. i would just add that its unfortunately not just the extreme fundamentalists that act this way.


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