Open-Minded People are Rare

Let’s face it, finding people with an open mind can be difficult.  So, as a result, I have decided to start a search!  Today I am awarding the following blogs/websites with the “Open Mind Blogger Award”.  These individuals demonstrate respect towards others, research and consideration of oppossing views, allow free-flowing conversation with commenters, and have an overall spirit of civility and openess.  It is time we recognize such commendable behavior on the internet.

Congratulations to our Five Winners:

  1. Nick Queen
  2. Polliwag’s Pond
  3. Agnostic Atheism
  4. Hell’s Handmaiden
  5. Open Book

*Winners, CLICK HERE to see what to do next*

This is my thanks to these men and women for living live with an open mind.  If you won, remember to acknowledge 5 people in your blog experience who you feel deserve to be recognized.


3 Responses

  1. Thank you! I was very surprised and humbled by your award.

  2. […] from Politics and Religion, has created a new web log award. It looks as though I am one of the first set of five winners and I am happy to be on the list. This award is given to Blogs that demonstrate respect towards […]

  3. “Samadhi”(bliss and superconsciousness) is my reality because of my beliefs as listed on my blog site ( – free – not religious). My only goal is to share and further World Peace.

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