Lieberman’s Own Party Head Asks Him To Resign

Connecticut for Lieberman Party Chairman John Orman called Tuesday for Sen. Joe Lieberman to resign, saying his advocacy of a military strike against Iran could explode into a global conflict.

“He has crossed the line,” said Orman, a professor of politics at Fairfield University. “His unilateral warmongering could lead to a new World War III.”

During an appearance on “Face the Nation” on CBS Sunday, Lieberman said the United States should consider a military strike against Iran because of Tehran’s involvement in Iraq.[..]

Orman, a former Democrat, switched party affiliation and took over the Connecticut for Lieberman Party earlier this year. Lieberman created the party last August to run for re-election as an independent after losing the state’s Democratic primary to Ned Lamont of Greenwich. However, Lieberman never joined the new party and remains a registered Democrat.

Orman issued a news release Tuesday asking Lieberman to immediately resign and urging Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell to appoint Susan Henshaw, secretary of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, as his replacement.

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8 Responses

  1. Iran has said they want to eliminate us. They are supplying our enemies in Iraq. We are already at war with them whether we admit it or not.

  2. I agree with Lieberman that Iran is exporting war materials to kill Americans.
    Do you? If so, Justin, what should be done about it? If you’re answer
    is for the U.S. to exit Iraq, then put some effort in telling us what would be
    the result of such an exit.


  3. Hi Muggins,
    although I am not entirely sure what should be done in regards to Iran, I have an idea of what should NOT be done. We should not go to war with them.

    Simply put, such an effort would be a huge blunder for any administration. Morale is too low in this country, and our resources are spread too thin. That being said, the issue cannot be ignored. To answer your question, “yes” I do believe Iran is involved behind the scenes in some way or another.

    Under different circumstances, war might appear to be a viable option, but not in the near future. However, we would need to go about it differently than we did this most recent conflict…but that really goes without saying.

    I do not think exiting Iraq would work because I believe we will be there for a long time in one way or another unfortunately.

  4. That’s pretty funny. IIRC, Orman is the only member of the party.

  5. The war in Iraq is not seperate from the worldwide war
    being waged by the Jihadists on civilization. To demand
    that it be brought to a conclusion, by September or
    whenever, is based on the premise that it is distinct from
    the greater war. The press should know better than to
    frame the Iraq conflict like it was Vietnam Redux. For
    example, seldom does the press mention the ultimate goals
    of the Jihadists, that of uniting the entire Middle East
    under one Caliphate and Sharia Law. I suppose if one is
    to oppose the Bush Administration, those sorts of details
    must be left out of consideration. The Iranian problem
    is that they are taking part in this war against democracy
    in Iraq. People are dying. It would be irresponsible
    not to consider returning their aggression, especially in
    the light that they are developing nuclear capability, and
    spending billions as their country’s economy tanks. And
    calling for the obliteration of Israel. With language like
    that, how can we trust them with the weapons that could
    perform that obliteration? I understand your position
    that to attack Iran would be terrible, and that we’d have
    to go about it differently than we did in Iraq. Sort of
    like we fought in France differently than we did in Korea
    or the Pacific theatre in WWII.

  6. I am big fan of Lieberman, even though he happens to be a liberal and I a conservative. But there is something about a man who has the courage of his convictions. He went out on his own and retained his seat in CT because he does right by the people. I don’t agree with him on some of his social policies, but he’s more of JFK Democrat than anyone else in that party. I wonder if JFK would be ostracized by this party because he was strong in foreign policy.

    I wish our own media would give us some of the good news from the war, the middle east, and in particular Iraq. I think if that were the case, morale might not be so low. I also feel that if we let our army be our army, that would cut down on our resources being low. Any time politicians wage war instead of generals, we see the same result (see Vietnam).

    I don’t know how to win either, or what to do with Iran, because an attack there is only going to stir our enemy while dividing our country further. I honestly don’t know if we can win if our country is so divided- you won’t be able to beat the enemy overseas if back home you have a structure that is against your every move. Unfortunately, bin Laden (and the like) knows this, and will patiently wait for us to defeat ourselves.

  7. thanks for your comments al6888….you make a good point in that we must unite before we even think about another conflict. Or, as you put it, we will defeat ourselves.

  8. Yes, I believe it was Lincoln who said, ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’.

    We need someone, more than ever, to figure out a way to unite the country

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