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Some Fun News:

Today, my post on “The Powerful Christian Vote” is one of the articles featured in this month’s Christian Blog Carnival.  The Carnival is hosted by Nick Queen, and it contains various Christian posts from around the blog-o-sphere. 

I am humbled that it made the issue.

On a side note, I am currently in the process of writing a free report to be offered here at P&R.  It’s going to be an in depth look at the influence and nature that Politics and Religion have on/in the world.


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  1. That was a good article and I agree with what you say. The USA has always been a Christian nation and even today 85% of the people claim to be believers. There was never a problem with this before jews made it into one.

    Clearly this is a Christian nation and anyone who wants to be elected to public office can use that to get votes.

    Christians are supportive of Israel but the result of that is that we have been brought down to the level of supporting the ideology of ethnic and religious states.

    If a Jewish state is ok then why is an Aryan nation wrong. We should not be supporting Israel but rather than debating the facts powerful people appeal to the religious dogma of the end times to get support for the indefensible. Does our God or our Consitution suspend the rules of right and wrong depending upon who is doing the deed.

    We are drowning in propaganda and the first thing the Christians need to do is unite against the corporate media, largely run by Jews, and demand the facts we need to know in order that we may govern ourselves and an end to the lies and propaganda.

  2. thesouthtoday: yikes…First, America has not always been a Christian nation, in fact, most of the founding Fathers were deists and not Christians. Also, while that number may profess Christianity, cliaming Christ and knowing Him are quite seperate. I would also be careful about knocking the Jewish people, the Saviour you claim lived on earth as one.

    Justin: I appreciate the post on this topic. While I’m not very political and the amount of political persuasion in Christianity has left a nasty taste in my mouth, it is necessary for those who vote to do so in sound mind and not just because the candidate alludes to going to church. I believe part of this dumbing down is the rise of preachers using their pulpits to push a candidate or a bill instead of preaching the word of God. The Word contains in it the wisdom of God that, if you vote, will be a guide and a source to help you make a prudent and Godly decision. Devotion to Christ should come first, and through that we learn the best decision in all circumstances.

  3. hi thesouthday,
    I agree with undergroundforum about being too quick to lash out at the Jews – finger pointing rarely tells the whole story. As far as being a Christian nation – we can say that there are some principles from Christianity that made it into the consitution…but we are far from a ‘Christian’ nation… like we do with everything, we have Americanized Christianity. Christians today are a world different than the first century.
    hi underground,
    I am glad you enjoyed the topic. Unfortunately, politicians are using ‘God’ as a campaign mechanism. Im not saying to deny beliefs, but when political candidates just throw it out there, i become suspicious.

  4. But Jews are the ones who attempt to take Christ out of Christmas. They attempted to force us to say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas even tho that is one of Christianity’s most holy days. They have really been going after the people in Arkansas at Walmart headquaters and the people of Arkansas have meekly accepted their demands which I think is wrong. Am I not allowed to speak the Truth.

    Furthermore the Askanazi Jews do not have the same DNA as the Jews of ancient Israel. Their DNA is more like to that of Attila the Hun than to Jesus or Abraham. They should not be confused with the Jews of bibical history. The Palestinian people have the same DNA as the jews of ancient Israel.

    So the Jesus who walked the Earth and gave us Christianity is not the same as the jews in our government and popular media who attempt to attack Christianity. I am a Democrat and I have read the liberal/Jewish internet for years. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. The biggest bigots on the planet are these people. I got so fed up that I can’t even read the leftwing news any more because I can’t take it any more.

    Beware of those who want a “separation of church and state”. If they separate us from out government we might not like what takes our place. Jews are not above criticism. They have us supporting the ideology of ethnic and religous states. I would say that qualifies them for plenty of criticism. We may as well have the KKK running our government. Whats the difference between oppressing blacks and oppressing Palestinians?

    israel is the central issue with Christians in government today. Don’t tell me you are too thin skinned to address and confront the issue of Israel. An ethnic state. A jewish state.

    Are you saying a Jewish state is ok but an Aryan nation is evil. Please explain. I’m sure Jesus would love to hear your reasoning. Tell him why its ok to create a Jewish state but an Aryan nation would be wrong.

  5. Hi southday,
    I’m not sure if you were addressing that to me, but just incase, I’ll respond as if it was.

    You discuss the DNA of the different Jews…and frankly it seems irrelevant. What aspect of the DNA are you talking about…the one with skin color? If I made a comment about “Black” people…I don’t think a DNA distinction would need to be made between African Blacks and Carribean Blacks. In either case, DNA doesn’t matter.

    If DNA mattered in regards to faith, man would we (the U.S.) be screwed! We are told in the Bible that the Jews are the blessed people of God, not us white-skinned Americans (even though we like to think it). Good thing God doesn’t care about DNA! Not to mention that all the racial boundaries were erased with the coming of Jesus (explained very well by Paul).

    The forefathers supported separation of church and state not to protect the government from the church, but in order to protect the Church from government. Personally, I don’t want politics and government screwing up (what’s left) of Church and religiousity.

    I never said anything along the lines of a Jewish state and Aryan nation.

    Also, you said, “Trust me I know what I’m talking about. The biggest bigots on the planet are these people…”

    according to definition, a bigot is “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.”

    Perhaps I am reading you wrong, but this is the vibe I am getting from you in regards to Jews and their ‘evil plans’. That might be the curse of the internet though (hard to interpret emotion).

    I can tell you are very passionate about this subject. I have a free report coming that I’ll put out on the sidebar that will discuss the relation of Politics and Religion, I think you’ll like it.

    God Bless.

  6. “Beware of those who want a “separation of church and state”

    If I remember right, Christ came not to set up a political platform, but a kingdom of Heaven. The government we live in pales in comparison to the Roman government that was in place during Christ’s time, and yet He never sought any sort of coup whatsoever. Ultimately Christ loved those who persecuted them, so even if your ridiculous claims about the demonized Jewish people were true, it would be our responsibility to still abide by the government in place and to love those who persecute us. I tend to align with the seperation of church and state in it’s true sense.

  7. perhaps you people should actually read your bible and see what it says to you instead of taking some preachers word for what it’s telling you.Jesus was also a roman having been born in the roman empire but I don’t believe he supported roman troops.When he went on the mountian he was approached by satan who offered him all the governments of the world but he turned that down.It would seem to me if satan were able to offer all the governments he must own them.Christ was only interested in the kingdom government of his father.My question is,if satan owns the governments of the world why do people who claim to be christians mess around in it instead of working to get themselves and thier children into the kingdom government?Most of the christians I see have little if anything in common with the jesus of the bible.

  8. hi Pootie,

    thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have in fact read my Bible and I am familiar with the story you mention. I do not fully agree with your interpretation. If Satan owns all the governments, then why bother? Why bother living, existing, trying to cooperate with one another?

    I think that some of the God loving people working for the government would be quite offended by such a notion – with the view you presented, they are essentially are serving satan (and breaking the first commandment).

    Consider this view of the story: Satan showed Jesus the kingdoms of the earth because they represent earthly Glory. Jesus rebuked satan because he knew that building up treasures in heaven was much more valuable than in this world.

    Not to mention that the Jewish prophesized messiah was suppossed to be a conquoring king (like King David); a king who would rule over the land and unify all to God. We know now that this was not the case, but satan offering those kingdoms would have fulfilled the supposed prophecy of the messiah, not to mention saved Jesus from a horrible death. Good thing he had His mind on heavenly things!

    Governments have been responsible for just as much good as bad (humanitarian aide, the rescue of the Jews at concentration camps, etc.) – not a very satan like quality. We can see the truth by looking at the fruits of a person/entity.

    That being said, you make a good point about being concerned more with the heavenly kingdom; that is where our focus should be.

  9. Also, in response to the claim that Jesus was a citizen of Rome, that is not entirely true. Roman citizenship was a difficult task to achieve and not just anyone would be of this consideration. Paul claims citizenship, but we see no evidence that Christ was.

    As far as the temptation story, Jesus was also tempted with food and His own deity, does that then mean that Satan is in control of these as well?

    We see throughout Scripture that the government has a very distinct purpose in God’s ultimate plan. I myself am somewhat apolitical, but I realize very well that the government does have a place in God’s redemptive history.

    Pootie, if you would have read my earlier post you would know that I look at political pulpits as a negative thing and thus your broad sweep about how “you people” need to stop just doing whatever your pastors tell you was a touch uninformed. I do agree with Justin’s last comment, however, that you are dead on about the lack of kingdom focus on average and the importance of refocusing.

  10. Thank you first of all for your answers.I don’t know a lot but I feel with the promise givin to all of us that I live and bother in order to seek the fulfilment of that promise.I have no problem with people who work in the government.I don’t understand trying to sway the government.I do not go to any church therefore my opinions are strictly my own and believe me I am very opinionated.I try to read and decipher what god is saying to me and me alone.I do realize being a citzen of rome was more than being born there however jesus was born in rome and that would make him a roman just as someone of any desent born here would be an american.(even tho they would automaticaly become a citizen here)I do not think god gave satan control over the food supply.He did in my humble opinion give him control over the worlds governments.There is a lot of the bible I haven’t read.I do not spend to much time with the old testiment as I think much of that changed with jesus.I am not very educated,seventh grade was as high as I got in school.With the promise of eternal life in gods kingdom I pretty much believe what I read instead of what someone tells me unless they can explain to me why I am wrong.

  11. Perhaps I worded things wrong in my first message about believing what pastors tell you.I had a very enlightining moment with a catholic priest who actually threw his bible on the floor and told me he didn’t need it because he had the traditions of the church.That is what started me thinking about what I was reading.The bible warns of false prophets so I take no ones word and it’s very hard for me to understand why anyone else would.

  12. traditions of the church? yikes, I think he really did need that Bible! You can tell the heart/sould of a person though by looking at the his or her fruits. Like Jesus said, a good tree does not produce bad fruit, just like a bad tree doesn’t produce good.

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