Bad News for Israel Hamas gaining more power in the Gaza, things are not looking good for Israel.  If the radical Islamic fighters of Hamas manage to take over, you can bet your bottom dollar that their next target will be Israel.  Just like last summer, Israel is going to find itself having to go on the offensive.  Any person in their right mind knows that the second Hamas takes their next breath, they will take their confidence, and “allah”, to Israel in their ‘god sponsored’ killing spree.

With all this on the forefront, it is just a matter of time until the United States has to get involved one way or another.  Are we capable of anything significant given our current global situation?  We are stretched too thin at the moment because of other conflicts, not to mention the national morale is down the toilet and not ready for another battle against renegades.  My advice would be to lay low like we did last summer during the fighting that took place with Israel and her enemies.  Granted some world leaders were displeased, but news flash: no matter what the U.S. does, there will be people unhappy/mad. At least this way we save lives and money.

Israel knows the implications of Hamas control in Gaza.   According to CNN, “Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday if Hamas gains control of Gaza it would have “regional implications” and he called for an international force to patrol the Gaza-Egypt border to prevent Hamas radicals from importing new and more powerful weapons into Gaza.”

The Middle East roller-coaster is never ending.

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6 Responses

  1. u don’t have to ever worry about israel.. b/c the US will always fight Israel wars if things get too hot…regardless. we have soldiers to spare.. and and ZOA is too powerful to let anything grossly bad happen to israel

  2. Yes, it seems so. And there are many to be blamed…

  3. You need to check out the accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy in regards to what is happing in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and the return of the Hidden Imam

  4. it just gets old, doesn’t it?

  5. I am a bit weary of Israel. It seems that this country takes with violence. They spin their “right” to take. I guess they continue to take at all costs.

  6. Israel is kind of different from other countries. Usually we find the lefty political parties to talk about peace but in Israel it is the leftwing parties that carried almost all the major wars. Not related to the post but just wanted to share.

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