Gay Minister Outs Gay Churchgoer

On my way to work today, I heard an interesting story on the radio station I listen to in the morning.  The radio station I listen to deals with political (and sometimes religious) issues in the news; naturally, I am a fan.  Well, apparently today a man wrote the radio station (we will call him Mr. X) an extensive email sharing a recent event that happened to him in his Church.

The Minister was giving an intense sermon on homosexuality and got caught up in the moment.  During the sermon, the Minister outed Mr. X. Until that point, no one knew that he was gay, but in front of the whole congregation, the Minister felt that it was “okay” to out Mr. X as he felt it went along with his message.

Here is the kicker:

Mr. X (who is gay) knows for a fact that the very Minister that outed him is having sexual relations with one of his male friends!  Wow…that is hypocrisy at its finest.

In his letter, Mr. X expressed that he is unsure what to do.  Personally, I think he should leave that congregation, and probably have a personal meeting with the Minister to let him know that he knows of his hypocrisy.

In this case, I see Mr. X as a better man.  He could have embarrassed and damaged the Minister much more severely that what was done to him.

In the end, it seems that some Church leaders really need to get right with God.


3 Responses

  1. This minister had no business being in his position in the first place. My heart goes out to Mr. X, who has undoubtedly been hurt deeply and embarassed by the actions of the minister who has the same problem as Mr. X.

    Mr. X should go to the minister and get whatever he has on his mind out in the open.

    This is a sad story for sure. I don’t understand what makes people want to conciously live lifestyles that conflicts with God’s word.


  2. You’re right John, Mr. X needs to go to the Minister and deal with the situation. He had no business bringing up Mr. X’s lifestyle right in front of everyone at the church!

  3. Yes, Mr. X took the high road here. That pastor was grossly wrong on at least three levels – practicing homosexuality, covering it up, and outing Mr. X. Wow, what a despicable trifecta.

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