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Well, I finally did it…I was a little lazy and it seemed like it would never come to pass, but I finally took the time to set up a ‘proper’ domain name for Politics & Religion. You can still access this website through the original domain name (www.politicsandreligion.wordpress.com). But now, you can use either of the following (easier to remember) addresses:




I am pleased to get these names; I was low on options (apparently there are a lot of websites catered to either politics and/or religion…go figure), but I feel like these domain names are short and to the point. If you have enjoyed any of the posts and content, I would be grateful and humbled if you told your family/friends about it.

On a side note, my book is currently going through the second editing phase from the publisher. I suspect it will be released in the Fall of this year. I haven’t mentioned much about it (only in the ‘About Me’ section), but for those who are interested, I wrote it to help believers talk about God. It contains arguments that support the existence of God without using biblical texts. I will give more updates as I get them… but for now, it’s still in the baby stages.

Thank you for all your support as of late and I look forward to your visits in the future.


2 Responses

  1. Quite exciting news about your book. Looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks Kim! I’ll try to keep everyone updated!

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