Republicans vs. Democrats: Our Political Downfall

Aerial of Liberty IslandIt is quite apparent that this country is doing itself a disservice by only having two political parties. Sure, there are large amount of political parties, but the media has systematically made our government reliant on a two party system. Why have we done this to ourselves? Forcing a dichotomy is a fallacy in debate, so why create this type of environment with our politics? With just two parties, people feel the need to align themselves with one side or another. Issues are determined in a black and white fashion – right and wrong – yes and no.

This country has only had one election where political parties did not push their agenda, and that was President George Washington. After his eight year term, the political parties began to form and since then it has always been an “us” versus “them” mentality.

So how do we fix this problem? How do we stop the “red” against “blue” madness that is clearly bringing this country down. Well, one viable option would be if the media began to give face time to the third parties. For instance, after a major news event happens, why not interview a Green Party representative along with the representatives of the other two major parties? Heck, throw in the reaction from the Constitution party as well! This country can only benefit when diverse viewpoints are presented.

In business, it is said that the more diverse your work force, the better the outcomes. Does not that same principle apply to politics? You bet it does.

Last, I would propose that we see and hear the debates from the top three parties. At first this may seem pointless, but once it becomes a norm, people will begin to spread their political wings and possibly align with a less-known smaller party that better represents their views.

Remember, a vote for a third party is not a wasted vote. That is a vicious lie that the two party system has spread.


6 Responses

  1. Political theory is way too complex to be viewed on the antiquated two-dimensional, left-right model. The fact that we think of it in those terms is severly limiting.

    I agree that there should be more parties. People would be better represented, it would increase voting turn out, and the system might actually work for us.

    The major problem is that, in America, whoever has the most money wins. The Big Two will always have the most money, hence, victory for them. Greens are trying to scrape up national victories relying wholly on donations from broke college students (they won’t accept corporate monies) and Libertarians are no better off.

    The only thing that could possibly fix the situation would be if they passed legislation that placed a very low spending cap on campaigning. Of course, the only people who could pass said legislation are politicians themselves, so we’re back in the same situation again.

  2. Hi D. Peace,

    I agree with you, a system with more than two parties would def be a benefit to this country.

    I dunno about passing legislation. I theory it would be nice, but it seems a lot like the government dictating who can effectively run for President.

    That being said, sometimes (a lot of time) money plays too big of a role in the process…it’s a catch 22 really.

    I think we can start with something simple…like giving more media attention to other viewpoints. That would help bring other ideas to the surface.

  3. I agree with you, Justin, that the two-party system in America has been a catastrophic failure. However, I believe that as George Washington stated, the US should have no political parties. Our politics should consist solely of issues that need to be addressed, not of parties that always need a handout and usually get corrupt.

  4. ah, a no party government…that’d be nice 🙂

    ……yet just as impossible as peace on earth. I guess i can always dream.

  5. Carnival of Divided Government – Quârtus Decimus

    And speaking of wishful thinking, there are a number of bloggers who think that the “red/blue madness” can be solved by, or, at least presents an opportunity for third parties. Along these lines, we find Justin presenting “Republicans vs. Democrats:…

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with you Justin! As a registered member of a third party, and witness to the difficulties and uphill battles our candidates experience every year due to the unequal requirements put in place by, who else, the two party duopoly, I’d like to also put in a plug for ranked choice or instant runoff voting (IRV) systems.
    It’s almost the only way we are going to break the mold that has kept Greens and others off the ballot due to restrictive measures (having to gather signatures twice, first the candidate, then the party, to get on ballot), not to mention the high powered (and paid) signature invalidating firms, the reps and dems legal army, and their lapdog media teams spreading innuendo, i.e. the spoiler issue.

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