Quit with the “War on Terrorism” already

Despite what Bush may have you believe there can be no such thing as a “War on Terrorism”. Ron Paul has clearly pointed out that “terrorism is a tactic”.

You cannot have a War on a tactic. It is similar to saying lets have a “war on shooting”. Lets go get them evil shooters around the World.

Just as the Kamikaze used suicide tactics during World War II, modern day radical Islamists who have declared “War on America”, use their suicide tactics on the United States.

The reason that they use suicide tactics on civilians, is that they are very effective when you do not have an organized nation, ships, tanks, and ICBMs. It is the only way they can compete with their enemy.

Bush and Giuliani should quit with the “War on Terrorism” though. If you want to be serious, declare “War on Osama Bin Laden” and go to Afghanistan and get him. Get out of Iraq, and go after the real enemy.

Osama must be brought to justice for his criminal act, just as Timothy McVeigh was brought to justice for his.

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  1. Note that RP was clearly in favor of going after Bin Laden, although at the same time intelligently addressing our foolish foreign policy.

    When are we going to learn that going to war for ExxonMobil does us, the average folks, 0 good? I saw a bumper sticker the other day that cracked me up. It said “When Bush was elected Gas cost $1.49.”

    Now that is some truth!

  2. haha yeah true… unfortunately gas prices will continue to go up (as it is an un-renewable resource)…hopefully the United States can discover a new fuel source and rid ourselves of dependency on the middle east.

  3. That will never happen, Justin. The oil companies own this nation. There are already viable fuel alternatives, but they won’t get funding. Why? That wouldn’t benefit them, now would it.

  4. Declaring war on terrorism, or just as often “War on Terror” means the war will never end. I can’t imagine we could ever rid the world of terror. This leaves us in a permanent state of emergency when executive authority can be suspended and habeas corpus rights denied. This arrangement certainly favors those in power.

  5. I agree greg, I wrote a post on this a bit ago with that exact theme.

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