Paris Hilton Out of Jail Already!

Paris Hilton is to be released from jail today after serving just three days of her 23-day sentence (which was reduced from the original 45-days because of ‘good behavior’). Americans should be extremely upset about this news, regardless of their opinion of Paris; this is a mockery of our justice system.

Apparently an agreement was made between the prosecutors and Paris’ attorneys. What kind of deal? Well I guess we’ll find out the specifics soon, but it is quite apparent that money was involved. This case serves as a perfect example that anyone who is famous and has lots of money has an advantage over the legal system. Heck, you don’t even have to be famous for anything important (in Paris’ case, she famous for being rich).

Meanwhile, poor “Jane Doe” is sitting in her prison cell, serving her time because she is neither famous nor has the money to buy her way out of the American legal system. Instead, “Jane Doe” is serving her 45-day sentence and not a shortened 23-days for ‘good behavior’. Her family respects the court’s decision and isn’t attempting to insult/mock the high principles that our country was founded upon.

It appears that capitalism has made its way into every facet of our culture and society. I am embarrassed at how our judiciary branch truly works.


2 Responses

  1. Her medical condition is spoiled brattitude.
    But I bet the guards just couldn’t put up with any more of her snivelling.

    Paris is a sorry sack of human guts, and I look forward to reading about her eventual fatal drug overdose/car accident.

  2. I can’t know Paris’ sincerity, but it says something about the power of religion when even the wealthiest and most priviledged feel the need to turn to God, even with every other form of help at their disposal.

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