Christianity: The most Important thing to Know

What do you think is the most important aspect of Christianity?  Is it the Eucharist?  Perhaps you believe it to be Baptisms?  Is it memorizing a vast amount of different prayers, saints, priests, or other traditions?  Unfortunately, many would contend that these things are defining aspects of true Christians; the important aspects of Christianity.

No, the most important aspect of Christianity is quite obvious, yet people often take it for granted.  Folks, the most important aspect of Christianity is that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross, and rose from the dead three days later as a sacrifice for us; to give us life despite our flaws.  It is important to work on the teachings of Christ, and to build a relationsihp with Him – it can be easy to become sidetracked.

Churches may need to re-evaluate their priorities and where they put their emphasis.  Do you believe your church has strayed a bit?  If you consider yourself a responsible Christian, then it is your duty to say something… anything.

Pray tonight.  Build that bond with Jesus.  He gave us hope through love beyond anything anyone could ever do.   


3 Responses

  1. AMEN!
    Thank you.
    I agree 100%
    Let us build on the right foundation.

  2. I can not disagree with you. I pray that the light truth shines brightly within all Christians. I can say that as a Roman Catholic that loves my church greatly, I know with not uncertainty that Jesus Christ is the focus of my salvation and that the Church that I love greatly is the ‘tool’ that works the best for me in living that faith. Peace be with you.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts Weliftthemup…you are right, our focus must be on Jesus – some forget this very important aspect.

    May peace be with you as well.

    Have a great week!

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