L-O-V-E: The Ultimate Goal

 Is it humanly possible to describe true Love?  The brightest and best of humanity have struggled for centuries to accurately describe Love.  There seems to be a universal obsession with Love that can be seen through poems, paintings, songs, and embraces – yet none of these avenues do complete justice to what we as people feel.

We use this term so much in pop-culture and society that it sometimes (and unfortunately) loses its significance, yet there seems to be no word to replace it.  Love is a prominent theme within Christianity.  For instance, Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as we do ourselves (Matt. 5:43).  We are told by Paul that Love is the greatest of all (1 Corinthians 13:13), but how do we grasp it?

When we have Love, we don’t ever want it to end; when we lack Love, we search for it endlessly.  The love we search for is a deep spiritual connection, one that motivates us to become better versions of ourselves, one that shifts our focus from “self” to “other”.

Love separates us from the rest of creation.  Without love, what does humanity have?  We often attribute love to the world around us (i.e. a kitten’s ‘affection’ towards the mother cat), when in reality, it is more accurate to ascribe such a relationship to dependency.  We do these things because we cannot imagine an existence without Love – the very notion is impossible to comprehend.  Sure we’ve seen instances that lack Love, but those events usually make us long for it.

Love may very well be the greatest mystery of this world. Despite our differences across the globe, we are unified in our devoted quest for Love, the ultimate goal of every person.


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