Russia to aim missiles at Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening to point missiles at Europe if the United States implements strategic intercepting missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland. According to Washington, the preventative missiles are designed to protect Europe from an Iranian attack. Iran is laughing at the charge, claiming their weaponry cannot reach Europe (but certainly can reach Israel). So the question that must be asked: why in the world does the United States feel the need to play bodyguard for Europe?

This type of global politics is very irritating. It is clearly apparent that there is an alternative agenda. Given our current policy as of late, there seems to be no reason why we would be doing this (unnecessary?) favor for a body of countries who we have ignored, stepped on, and plainly rejected over the past six to eight years. It doesn’t make sense.

And then there is Russia. Are they honestly still worried about the United States attacking them? Putin is very upset about this situation, and was reported saying:

“If a part of the strategic nuclear potential of the United States appears in Europe and, in the opinion of our military specialists, will threaten us, then we will have to take appropriate steps in response. What kind of steps? We will have to have new targets in Europe. These targets could be targeted with ballistic or cruise missiles or maybe a completely new system” (taken from

This raises some red flags. Is Russia really concerned about their safety from their former Cold War foe? Or, is Russia trying to protect Iran? Putin has claimed that he does not want a new “arms race” in Europe (which apparently seems to be on its way), so perhaps that is his motive.

In the end, it appears that the smartest, most logical decision at this point is to let Europe protect Europe. It makes more sense economically and practically to focus our interests on our current hazardous situations than to create new ones.


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