Wolfowitz’s Replacement

The decision has finally come been made, Wolfowitz’s replacement will be former U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick.  Frankly, I know very little about Zoellick, and therefore do not have a very strong opinion.  However, the world community has voiced an opinion on the matter.  It is reported that World Bank members and some U.S. lawmakers would like the decision on Wolfowitz’s successor to be open to a global pool of candidates and not another U.S. appointed individual.  I believe that this is a good idea.  According to CNN.com, Zoellick helped launch the Doha round of world trade talks.  Later on, he was the deputy secretary of state and “became the administration’s point person on China policy and Darfur”.

President Bush has claimed that he is working in the direction of positive relations with the world community.  If he wants to support this claim, it would be wise to assess a global pool of extremely qualified candidates.  Doing so would demonstrate that the United States does value and respect the opinion of other countries, and it would be a decent beginning to restoring our political influence as well as public image (which we all know is about the lowest it could possibly be).

However, recent history tells us that President Bush will not adhere or consider the world opinion, so it looks like (if approved) Zoellick will be the new World Bank President.

In wake of this, let’s have a poll:

Should President Bush open the pool of candidates to the world community?  Why or why not?


One Response

  1. Should he open the pool of candidates to the world to be the President of a non-governmental organization? Yes he should, but will he? No, he won’t. The President will not respect the world’s opinion on the matter because it is not in his best interests. The next president of the WB will be an American because it is the Americans who are profiting the most from the WB. Imagine you have $10,000 in credit card debt and you can afford to make a little more than the minimum payment each month, but the credit card company tells you that the money you pay them is worth only half of the currency they use. Therefore you have to pay more for less payment made and may never make more than the minimum payment, therefor never relieving your debt. This is the exact same mindset of the WB. If a qualified citizen of an African country were put in charge of the World Bank, the debts would be paid in 10-20 years. The World Bank would not need investors, and that just wouldn’t be looking out for America’s rich.

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