Christians are Missing the Point

 Reflect on these words from Paul Tillich; they carry a powerful message that all Christians and non-Christians must come to realize.

“We are all permanently in danger of abusing Jesus by stating that He is the founder of a new religion, and [hence] the bringer of another, more refined and more enslaving law…we call Jesus the Christ not because He brought a ‘new religion’, but because He is the end of religion, above religion and irreligion, above Christianity and non-Christianity. We spread His call because it is the call to every person in every period to receive the New Being, that hidden saving power in our existence, which takes from us labor and burden, and gives rest to our souls.”

Why are you worshipping Christ?  Is it because He gave us “Christianity” (a man made perception of Jesus’ life) or because of Jesus?  As Tillich points out, Jesus is above Christianity and institutions – the sooner you can realize this, the sooner you can give rest to your soul.

Consider what James Anderson (co-found of the Alban Institute) has to say:

“Much of the criticism of Christianity is correct. We are the makers of religion and we have made a very heavy burden. The Old Testament prophets called this process idolatry, a message never well received, then or now. Isaiah said those who make idols ‘feed on ashes’ led astray by a deluded mind.” (Isaiah 44:20)

Relating back to Tillich, we see that the burden Jesus wanted to take from us is the burden of religion.  It appears that sometimes our man-made institutions miss the point.


4 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Your post is right on target.

    In his day, Jesus was “New Age.” Jesus was not a Christian. He did not establish a new religion called Christianity.

    The biblical Jesus taught spiritual principles/laws. And it’s through the knowledge and application of these pricinples/laws that we come into our God-self.

    If Jesus came to save the world, then he came to save us from religion!


  2. Good stuff

    It’s amazing how many Christians don’t realize that Jesus wasn’t Christian he was Jewish. Yet so many churches and Christians worship the fact that they are “Christian” instead of what Christ really died for.

  3. This is great stuff. I hope it provokes thought and invites us all to think again about the message and mission of the historical Jesus.

    Christians need Christ, I’m convinced, as much (or moreso, because they have so lost their way and have become satisfied with something so disconected from Jesus) than anyone else.

    For those who might be interested in digging deeper, my book is called “The End of Religion: An Introduction to the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus” and is available in stores September 15. Until then you can order a shorter edition released last year at

  4. Thanks everyone…it is refreshing to see that there are other people who share in my views on this matter.

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