*~It’s a Politics and Religion Celebration~*

 Today marks the one month anniversary since I started this blog to discuss the important things in life: Politics and Religion.  I have been very pleased with the amount of interest in the posts.  In 30 days, this site has seen over 4,500 visitors.  If you are a return reader, I want to thank you for your dedication.  I will try to keep this blog up-to-date with the most current political and religious issues.

Below are the top five posts in the past month (based on actual post views):

Cruise is ‘Christ’ of Scientology
Scientology: Laughable at Best
Paris Hilton: “I didn’t mean to do it”
Jesus Picture
God: The Taboo Topic

What’s in store for the future?  I want you to decide!  I am open for suggestions from you all, so please feel free to tell me what you’d like to see (different or continued) by using the form below:


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  1. […] 27th, 2007 by Justin  Today marks the two month anniversary of this website.  In the first month, this site received above 4,500 visitors.  In the second month, the site steadily grew and […]

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