A Hero among Cowards

story.pollack.ap.jpg As you know, gas prices stink.  They are currently reaching record highs as we enter into some of the busiest months of the year.  We are left helpless to the wealthy petroleum cartels as we religiously return to the pumps day after day…what choice do we have?  Enter Harvey Pollack. Harvey Pollack appears to be your everyday guy, but he is clearly a heroic man!  Pollack owns and operates a gas station in Wisconsin, and just today he has closed his gas station to protest the outrageous prices.“Somebody out there is making money on these prices, but not me” says Pollack during an interview.

It is reported that he will lose $1,500 a day with his protest, but Pollack is hoping that he starts a trend for other owners to follow.  In my opinion, this is a very noble attempt to “stick it to the man” (man of course being OPEC), but in the end people need gasoline – and they will just go get it somewhere else.  Unfortunately, acts of bravery like Pollack is displaying are cut short because of the cowardly.  

I am eagerly awaiting a solution which will release us from the tight grip of the petroleum bullies

(picture from cnn.com)


One Response

  1. Hurrah for Harvey! Somebody has to do something about this intolerable situation.

    From my home in rural Ohio last weekend, I saw a couple of my neighbors down the street walk to town and back, apparently for dinner, instead of using their car. We should all try to drive as little as possible.

    My Dad has an ’03 Toyota Prius Hybrid (gas/electric), which averages about 45 mpg. I myself am not willing to purchase any car that gets less than 30 mpg.

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