Atheist divorce rate is Lower than Christian


Christians believe they hold the monopoly on family values and morals, but studies now prove that they divorce at a much higher rate than Atheists. Check out the link below for the figures. I guess I am not terribly surprised being that many Christians marry too young because they (to be frank) want it to be “okay” to have sex. Any other thoughts on this issue? I’m interested to hear your opinions.

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  1. That is interesting. Perhaps the data was buried in there, but I am curious as to how far they drilled into the depth of one’s faith.

    For example, I’ve talked to countless people who say, “I’m Catholic” (or whatever) then add that they haven’t been to church for decades.

  2. what does MUCH mean?

    dont get me wrong, i am not surprised either, but just curious about the actual stats.


  3. I wonder how much of it has to do with unhappiness upon finding out your partner is bad in bed only after you’ve gotten married. I don’t imagine that’s the only thing causing such a divorce rate, but it’s got to at least be a small part of it.

  4. Oh how we hate to deal with the facts when they are not what we want to hear! I am thinking that one reason for the high divorce rate among conservative Christians is stronger intolerance for extra-marital affairs. Atheists may be willing to put up with a lot more fooling around. Just a thought.

  5. I’m with Neil. The Bible talks about people who have everyone fooled that they’re Christians, but they’re not (the parables of the seed and the sower, wheat and tares, good fish/bad fish, Matthew 7:21-23, etc.).

    I’d say the divorce rates among people who are truly born again would be much lower.


  6. I read that when they did this poll that the reason why the divorce rate was so low amongst altheists was due to the number of atheists who never got married in the first place. Poll’s are never something to go on because mistakes like these are easy to make.

  7. There are several reasons why Christians have higher divorce rates:

    1) Christians tend to marry before the age of 25 which severely increases the chance of divorce

    2) Christians often marry before the age of 25 to legitimize sex – see #1.

    3) Christians often think that being a faithful servant of god and to the bible will protect their marriage from divorce. So many of my divorced christian friends were angry at their god after their divorce as they felt they should have been exempt as faithfull followers.

    Atheist / Agnostic marriages are more successful because:

    1) Atheists / Agnostics tend to have higher education (all my atheist friends and I mean ALL have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree) which lowers their chance of divorce.

    2)Atheists / Agnostics marry at much later ages – waiting until their late 20’s and early 30’s to marry which drastically reduces the rate of divorce

    3) Atheists / Agnostics believe that they themselves are soley responsible for their actions and the health of their marriage and marriages are egalitarian.

    It’s amusing that some have said that “well they must not be true christians if they divorce”. What a load. My divorced christian friends were truly christian in heart, soul and mind and yet it didn’t protect them form divorce.

    The bottom line is -whether christian, hindu, wiccan, or atheist, if you get an education, wait until you’re in your late 20’s or early 30’s to marry, take the responsibility for your own marital happiness, your marriage has a great chance of succeeding.

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