Anti-American: The ‘okay’ prejudice

 In today’s culture (especially in the western hemisphere) we like to pride ourselves on our progressive thinking and an attitude of acceptance.  As a result, the discrimination and prejudices towards non-white individuals has decreased greatly.  In fact, in many societies, degradation because of skin color is extremely frowned upon and just plain bad taste.  We as a people have moved on from such narrow-minded thinking – or have we?

 Now I am willing to admit that there are still prejudices that exist in the world today; they truly are a blemish on humanity.  But what irritates and perplexes me is the fact that being “anti-American” is generally an okay and accepted prejudice to have.  I have noticed this trend during my trips to Europe and Australia.  If an individual harbors ill feelings (even hate) towards Americans, it is okay (encouraged?) to vocalize them.  I have heard some really harmful, hate filled banter regarding Americans in these foreign countries.  I am baffled that this is okay.  It has become “cool” to be Anti-American.  This is probably because it is shown on television and in the newspapers… racial prejudices aren’t expressed publicly to such an extreme.

Many people who carry these beliefs take stereotypes that they see on television and apply it to an entire nation of people.  That is sad.  I am disgusted with people like this.  The thought process appears to be:  “I hate Bush.  Americans voted in Bush.  All Americans are like Bush.”  How depressing that people can be so shallow in their thought processes.

Despite our vast leaps with equal treatment in this world, we are still far, far from where we should be.

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  1. I understand your position. You are completely right. It is just as unfair to have prejudice against the American nation as it is against any other.

    You have to understand that there will always be people share points of view. When a complete group vocalizes the same principle, every member of the group feels support behind him/her. It is easy to be ‘anti-American’ because it is a very popular concept.

    Also keep in mind that the U.S. has invaded many countries over the years. A lot of countries have debts which have existed for centuries and will continue to exist for centuries to come. A lot of economies thrive leached onto the American economy. There is an invasion of culture and customs (especially in the western hemisphere); there is an “americanization” of sorts which older generations frown upon.

    For these and many other reasons people don’t hold the U.S. in high regard. I don’t condone it. Yet to have a clear perspective on a matter, sometime it’s important to step in the shoes of the person on the other side of the line.

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