Another Israeli Conflict on the Way

So apparently the Isralei military has had it with missles being fired at their country from the Gaza strip.  On Sunday, they fired a missile into a home on the Gaza and killed 8 people.  This house was believed to be a Hamas leader.

 I am not sure if this was a very good idea for the Israelis; they should just let the Palestinians duke it out.  Nonetheless, just like last summer, there is a good chance that there will be heavy combat between three sides now (Israelis, Hamas, and Fatah).  So now what’s next?  Will Hamas and Fatah join forces to take on the “evil” Israelis?  Or, will Fatah ride the coattails of Israel in their effort to rid themselves of Hamas?

A Hamas spokesperson was reported saying, “This escalation is very serious, all options are open” [for responding to this].

So here we go again.  Another battle with much death is about to take place in the Middle East again.  What will the U.S. role be?  Will we play “big brother” to Israel?  Will we sit quietly on the sidelines like last time?  What role will Iran take on this issue (since they want to be the “super-power” of the region)? 

This event has the possibility of fizzling out, but knowing that revenge is a dominant value in this region of the world, I don’t see that happening.


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  1. You’re right, Justin, Israel should not respond with force to terrorist attacks. It has never worked in the past.

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