Paris’ “Good Behavior”

©Gina James/ Ltd.  In Focus: Paris HiltonAs many of you know, the Judge for Paris Hilton’s case has cut her sentence in half because of “good behavior” – how in the world does this happen (haha)?  First, the Hilton’s have been accusing the Judge that Paris has been receiving a harder time through this ordeal because of who she is.  Well, I think that this is a great example of preferencial treatment, and I don’t see the Hilton’s making a fuss!

So Paris received a shorter sentence because of her good behavior.  First of all, this type of thing isn’t usually possible until you are already serving your sentence.  In other words, sentences are reduced because of good behavior after you are already in the slammer… intersting that this precedent doesn’t apply to Paris.

 I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but I do have a question.  What in the world about Paris’ behavior was so good?  She showed up to court and didn’t say anything (although, one could argue that her being quiet for once is actually some pretty good behavior)! 

In the end, Paris will just get more undeserved publicity from her shortened sentence.


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