Bye-Bye Wolfowitz


Wolfowitz is expected to “resign soon” according to World Bank officials.  Well, as I have said before, this is the right and ethical choice after some questionable (unethical) behavior.  Wolfowitz has realized that defending himself is not going to get him anywhere.  What would have saved his job is if his fellow employees jumped up to support him; we saw none of that.  This is likely for two reasons.  First, no one wanted to be part of Wolfowitz’s sinking ship, and secondly, they may have seriously thought that he was not good at his job.  Either way, if this scandal was a big misunderstanding; it would have been made clear.

A senior administration official said it best:  “If you can’t win, you can’t win.”

Wolfowitz can’t win because he has already lost – I look forward to seeing his successor.

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6 Responses

  1. I wish the boyfriends that I’d worked with in the past would give a raise, then lie about it then be forced into resignation because of it.

    That’s real love, ya know.

  2. I’m sorry, but that’s love.

    So do you all think the successor is going to be? Another member of the administration? If so, which one?

    Feel free to my post out and give us your imput on who will or should be the next president of the World Bank. All options are open. Or are they…


  3. Nice site. I added you to my blog roll.


    For a Neoconservative Christians point of view.

    Good day.

  4. Welcome aboard The world up in smoke Justin.

    Your right I had visited your site a couple days ago and added you and it was gone.

    So I readded you to my site.

  5. Justin,

    How about wrapping text around the photos? I guess that would probably give a better look to your blog. Moreover, would avoid a lot of white space in the BODY TEXT area.

    Meanwhile, I’ve changed the look of the header at TM, as per your suggestion; I hope you like the new look. And yes, you’re included in the Blogroll too.

  6. I would think that he would want someone with impeccable integrity like

    Alberto Gonzales. Im thinking he needs a new job about now.

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