Tisk, Tisk, Wolfowitz


A little while back, I wrote a post regarding Wolfowitz’s actions, and how they were pretty much nothing new.  Well, low and behold, there are still people up in arms about the whole matter.  However, this time I am pretty annoyed with Wolfowitz.  There can be a lot of “fluff” and creative talking during such scandals, so let me boil it down to reality: Wolfowitz got caught giving his girlfriend a promotion and a $194,000 (tax free) salary for a position she most likely didn’t deserve.  

Again, this type of thing (unfortunately) happens all the time in politics and business.  Politicians and business professionals understand this, and they work real hard not get get caught.  Well, Wolfowitz got caught, and therefore the proper procedures should be taken.  As of now, Wolfowitz’s career is on the line, and during his defense statements to the World Bank Executive Board, he said the following:“To criticize my actions or to find them as a basis for a loss of confidence would be grossly unfair.”

This statement does not make any sense.  If people can’t look at someone’s actions to determine their trustworthiness, then what do they rely upon?  Sorry Wolfowitz, in a position that demands a great deal of integrity and trustworthiness, the only thing that the world does care about are your actions.  It goes back to the old cliche, “actions speak louder than words”.  So what did Wolfowitz’s actions scream to the world community?  

In short, his actions demonstrate that he is corrupt and a cheat.  He corrupted the system by placing his girlfriend in a top position where someone was likely more qualified; he cheated taxpayers by using their money to pay for her extremely generous salary.So is Wolfowitz still fit for the job?  Well, according to reports, it is not just the scandal that turns people off to Wolfowitz.  Apparently, his management style is frowned upon by many employees at the World Bank.  When asked about this, Wolfowitz said:“There are some significant things that I need to change in order to regain the trust of the staff.”Hm.  I think the most significant change that can be made to regain the staffs’ trust is for Wolfowitz to leave the World Bank.

 (picture from i.a.cnn.net)


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