Inside the mind of a Suicide Bomber


It’s hard to think of anything more stupid than jumping in front of traffic on a busy highway – oh wait, I forgot about suicide bombers. It is no secret that the suicide bomber is the Middle East’s favorite “weapon” against American Troops. But, the reasoning for the suicide bomber is completely perverted. The suicide bomber issues an attack out of hate and revenge with no intent for diplomacy (obviously).

As I mentioned in a previous post, the political process in the Middle East is violence first, diplomacy second (or possibly third, after some more violence). Religious tolerance and respect are foreign ideas to the suicide bomber. He (or she, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll say “he”) is bent on extreme religious convictions that promise him awards for murder. Most people don’t understand how anyone could do such a thing, so I am going to go ahead and guide you through the thought process of a suicide bomber – we’ll call him Mr. Z.

1. Mr. Z watches television and sees the opposite Islamic sect is about to celebrate one of their holidays – this makes him extremely angery. “They are being led astray and disgracing Islam” he says to himself.

2. While walking to the store, Mr. Z sees American soldiers huddled behind a wall discussing something. He immediately feels tremendous anger towards all Americans, young and old, because they are (a) not Muslim, and (b) they are still in his country. Mr. Z walks onward to the store, deciding that he needs to do something about all the “treachery” that is going on around him.

3. Mr. Z settles down to read the Qur’an after a short dinner, he thumbs through the familiar text to some of his favorite passages about the infidels. Mr. Z becomes enamoured with the idea of a paradise which appeases physical pleasures (i.e. abundance of virgins and endless amounts of water) – he can’t wait for this paradise, so he decides that night to be a “holy warrior”.

4. After a month of saving, Mr. Z has saved enough money to obtain explosives. His extreme hate for “the enemy” makes him giddy with excitement. He brags to his friends that he will kill more of the enemy than any other suicide bomber has thus far.

5. Mr. Z wakes up with vigor and enthusiasm, he straps on his bombs, says a prayer, and walks off to a marketplace that is full of his enemy. With his last breath, Mr Z detonates his explosives.

6. The evening news covers the story, Mr. Z’s corrupt thinking managed to kill three people and injure nine. Mr. Z is gone from the world, and most likely not in a paradise that endorses physical (earthly) pleasures.

In the end, we see that Mr. Z’s thought process was so bent on anger and hatred, it doesn’t seem plausible that it come from an all loving God, but rather, the motives of men. The thing is, if suicide bombers were really as affective as religious extremists believe, then the leaders themselves would be jumping at the opportunity to strap explosives to their chests – but no, we don’t see that. What we see are the lower status people who are tired of the oppression, and who are fueled by hate, killing themselves and others in the belief that they will finally be eradicated from their current situation (preached to them by the wealthy war-lords who are too coward to do it themselves). However, I am hesitant to blame these suicide bombers entirely. They have grown up in a part of the world where such actions are actually endorsed. For whatever reason, They let religious propaganda permeate their mind, probably due to constant exposure.

Friends, if we are to understand our situation in the Middle East, we need to understand the thinking, something we havn’t done very well lately.

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  1. They are not simply misguided souls, in many cases they are simply evil. Evil thugs.

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