The Powerful (Political?) Pope

I have never really followed any of the Pope’s actions in my lifetime.  It is likely that this is because I am not of the Catholic denomination.  It really is fascinating at the amount of power this one man has.  In fact, the Pope is arguably the most powerful individual in the world.  Granted he can’t directly start wars (although I suspect if he declared a “holy” war, many would blindly follow), but he can do something greater than wreak havoc on countries – the Pope can wreak havoc on the mind and intellect.

Now I am not saying that the Pope is a bad person.  I am merely pointing out that he has a strong influence over millions of minds across the globe – very few (if any) leaders can claim this.  His influence is only made greater when you consider that his “kingdom” is supported by God.  Who is going to tell the Pope he is wrong about anything?  Some may try, few will listen.  Can the Pope get away with murder?  Yes (i.e. the Crusades).  Fortunately, the Popes of recent history have been very in tune with the true tenets of the Christian faith.  Granted they may have had a fault or two, but nobody is perfect (and yes, that even includes the Pope).

Sometimes people forget about this prominent figure in the world; a leader who holds a lifetime reign over the direction and potentially the mindset of millions of people.  Just recently, the Pope was in Brazil and promised “divine justice” to those who traffic drugs.  This is evidence that even the Pope will take on “valence” issues (a valence issue is an issue that everyone can agree with.  For example, promising to fight the war on drugs.  It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you succeed or fail, at least you tried).  Thisbegs the question – how much politics revolves around the Papacy.  Theoretically there should be none, but I am willing to bet that politics seeps into the position here and there (hey, we’re all human).

If politics influence this powerful position too much, then millions of minds are subject to a cruel game of “tit-for-tat” in a religion that endorses quite the opposite.  I am optimistic in that I  believe the Pope strays from the political game, but in today’s world, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I encourage believers and non-believers alike to follow the actions of the Pope a little more closely (and objectively).  I don’t think the world truly knows nor understands this man’s influence.  Am I saying that the Pope is bad?  No.  Am I saying he is corrupt?  No.  Am I saying that he is potentially corruptible?  Yes.

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7 Responses

  1. It is for this reason that a Catholic should never hold a political office in America. Why should we trust that individual will reflect the views of the American people when they are subservient to a power other than our country? Catholics should be banned from public office and furthermore removed from all positions of power in general. Don’t let the Pope impose his will on our country!

  2. hi Mark,

    I understand your reservations. I wouldn’t go as far to say all Catholics as there are varying degrees within the denomination as there are in all denominations. Also, the same argument could be used for Christians in general as they are subservient to another power greater than themselves (God).

  3. Yes Mark is right…I am a Catholic and I don’t breathe in the morning unless the Pope has told me it is ok to do so. When I debate with fellow Catholics, all we do is talk about how right the Pope is on every single issue.

    How can the Pope impose his will on the country if he can’t even impose his will on Catholisicm? Why are there Catholics who are caring, mean, pro-life, pro-choice, democrat, republican, gay, straight, married, divorced, single with children? Why must he go to Brazil and South America and try to rally Catholics back to the religion if all he had to do was profess his dominion over them?

    Mark, its people that make comments like yours that should be banned from office. Unfortunatly, you guys are a dime a dozen, and that will never happen. So, until then, let the Mark’s Great Catholic Inquesition continue!

  4. It is the unpredictability of Catholics which make them so dangerous. How are we supposed to know that they won’t put the orders of the Pope before America. It is true that some Catholics do not follow the religion as closely as other, but how are we really supposed to know? I like to know definitively that America is a politician’s number one priority, not a little man sitting in the Vatican.

  5. How are we supposed to know?? How are we supposed to know anything Mark? How are we supposed to know that Bush is not subservient to Texas oil companies? How are we supposed to know that Clinton wasn’t subservient to Hillary or Lewinsky – certainly Slick Willy was unpredictable? How are we supposed to know if Georgy Washington wasn’t subservient to the free-masons? How are we supposed to know anything?
    Who should be in public office then? Nobody who is Christian, because they are all followers of Jesus Christ – and we all know he wasn’t American. Not Muslims, because Mohammed doesn’t even like America. Certainly nobody Jewish, they are subservient to the homeland – Israel. The Amish? No. They would put their village before America. Atheists? No. They do not reflect the views of Americans, and besides, Lord knows who they are subservient to! You? How do I know you aren’t subservient to the little man in your head telling you to write these things?
    You see, Mark, this point is moot. How do we really know what anybody thinks or what is really important to them? We don’t and we can’t! And besides, how do YOU know that the Catholic church does not truly reflect the views of many Americans? Many believe in God, don’t they? Many are against abortion, aren’t they? Many are for charity and giving, aren’t they? Many are for human rights, aren’t they?

    Here is a simple test. See if your public servant’s thoughts and ideas match up identically with the Popes! See if there have been any e-mails or correspondance between the two. See if their policies match those policies of the Popes exactally! If so, then you may be on to something!
    What do you believe in Mark? Think hard. Anything that is not authentically American? If not, you may not be fit to serve.

  6. I believe you hit on something when you mentioned that I should be in power.

  7. […] huh? Well, being that the Pope is human, he certainly is influenced by politics (not very heavenly and certainly not from God). Some will contend that the Pope is above politics, […]

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